wait what?!

wait what?!

A Chapter by Hearthsmith

Have you ever have that feeling wherein you can't enter a certain relationship? I am no gamophobic. It's just that I hate to hurt people and I have this "priorities". I continuously wonder as I looked outside the company's window.

I'm Dane by the way. I am a graphic designer in a place where everything feels so monotonous. I don't know, there are times that I, myself wanting some thrills. Wanting for adventure. Wanting for so much more.

"Hey Dane Lunch time!!!" Louie called me as he approaches I can see his smile. Oh such a great friend, he never ever forgets to remind me eat.

"Where do you like to eat?"
"Anywhere is fine, as if we have other choices" I laughed. Around the company all stalls and place to eat were fastfood chains.

"Well yeah, anywhere is fine as long as I'm with you" he said. I laughed as he teases me. He always does that. I think it's part of our friendship.

"That's a lame one my dear, try again next time" I said and chuckled. But he seems off. Nah nevermind.

"Bars Louie, you can't even make little Dane blush" they teased him Well, those pick up line really doesn't have a work on me.

It's been years since he and I was friend. Both of us knew that things will be the same forever. There maybe sometimes he joke around, hold me. I mean many people mistaken he and I were you know?

"Hey I am goin to get our orders" Ahri said and she rushes to the counter.

Louie made his move. He put her arms on the back of my chair. I didn't mind. I mean he do that lot often and I am very very much used to it.

"Shocks, what took her so lon..
"Dane I like you" he cut in. "I like you for a very long time"

"I like when you smile, I like how hardworking you are, I like how you laugh problems away. I like you Dane. I want to be more than friends." he said. I don't know how to react or I don' t even now what he mean.

In my head it was just a continuous word saying "Wait what?".

Now I eventually and successfully organized my thoughts. And it was I don't know.

"Louie is this some sort of a joke? Because if this is, then it's not funny" I said in an irritating tone. I felt strange and I don't know what should I do.

"Dane do I look like joking?" I knkw that he was irritated. The breaking in his voice, I can assume that he was sad.

"Louie, if you are serious, I'm sorry, I can't". I hope this doesn't affect our friendship.

"Hey Louie, does that ended up well?" Ahri asked. That time I knew this was all planned.

He walked out and seems that he was not in a mood to talk about it. I feel bad for him. I guess it's my fault.

© 2021 Hearthsmith

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Added on January 13, 2021
Last Updated on January 13, 2021
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