Before it's too late

Before it's too late

A Chapter by Hearthsmith

Louie and I were friends. Nothing more nothing less. I should be honest to tell that I don't want to go overboard. Stepping out in the line to help him out and save him.

Pity? Love? Care? I can't even tell the difference. Maybe I am the problem. Heart is always deceitful, a reason why I always try to be cautious somehow.

"Louie, can you help me with this pap.." he pull the paper out of my hand and soon left. I was dumbfounded. Can't he see that I am trying my best to make this 'thing' right. I just want everything to be normal

"Hey Louie, wanna go get som..."

"Ahri, let's grab a coffee" he shouted. Soon he left.

"some coffee" I whispered in the thin air. I approached him many times and I can't even count it in my bare hands. I sure am dense but I know if a person is mad at me or what. But this thinhg? This type of tag-your-it game is completely crazy.

I saw Louie enter the kitchen like room in the office. I don't what the hell is happening to me, I followed him inside. I am sure, very very sure that I am luring myself to a great danger. But it was worth the risk. He is one kf my important friends and I want to help him before it's too late.

"Louie, can you tell me what's the matter? Have I done something unpleasant to you? Tell me maybe we..." I said but I was being shut out. He pinned me in a wall. I cam hear nothing but my heart's throbbing.

Everything went slow. The room was sound proofed, no one will hear us if we shout. Did I lock the door? What will they think if they saw us like this. My mind was in complete daze. So chaotic that I can't even put it together.

"You ask me what was my problem when you are exactly the problem!" he shouted at me. Every word is spouted eventually pierce to my heart. Am I really a bother? Do everyone think that I am like that?

" I ummmm... so.. soor.rry" after so many years, I felt the same vibe they gave. I was frightened. I stuttered. I want to tell him more not just sorry.

I felt like I want to burst into tears "hold it in" I keep telling myself. This is not the first time, Dane calm down. You can do this.

"I am just afraid about the fact that you'll reject me" he continued but now his face was covered in red. An extreme tenderness was drawn in his face. Dugdug dugdug dugdug I heard it the sound of our hearts.

Slowly... nearly... I didn't know what cross his mind but slowly he was approaching me. A kiss i guess. I then want to push him but... I can't move, my body seems that it won't cooperate at all. MOVE!!!!

Closely. Breathing heavily. Our breath becoming one. I fell his hand holding my cheeks. I only watched him approached me, slowly. But unlike the other time. This was fast enough to think for a solution.

Pak!!! I slapped him in the face leaving a mark. Looking at him intently. I feel nothing but disgust. Not just to him but to myself.

"I knew it, not an easy fish in the sea. This is a goodbye then Dane" he looked at me. The sadness in his eyes, the coldness of his aura giving off. He wasn't the Louie I know before. Or maybe this is the real him...

© 2021 Hearthsmith

Time Keeping.
A short story about portals, cats, cows and the keeping of time.
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Added on January 13, 2021
Last Updated on January 13, 2021
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