Bob and Eileen’s new friend, Queen Colleen

Bob and Eileen’s new friend, Queen Colleen

A Poem by Heather Corti

Some friends live forever in the same place, some friends live in a variety of places, this poem is about when these friends share their homes and environments with each other.


A frog and a turtle                

Were stuck in a routine                 

The frog is named Bob

The turtle’s Eileen


They took such good care

And kept their place clean

But all that they saw

Were just shades of green


Not expecting events

Totally unforeseen

They never expected

A shark, the color of jeans!


We’ve never had a friend

That wasn’t all green

Heck, we’ve never even ever

 left this here stream.


“Well how do you do?

My name is Colleen”

“I am frog Bob, this

Is turtle Eileen.”


My goodness, dear shark,

Not to come across mean,

But you are built  

Just Like a submarine!


“So I can dive deep

And not be seen.

Hop onto my back,

I’ll show you what I mean.


Off into deep water

Of the vast saline

Where there is no sound

It is silent serene



Frog Bob, so small

Looked like a butter bean

And next to him sat

Little turtle Eileen


They swam through the water

Exploring aquamarine

In Justine’s world where

They realized she’s queen


The new sights to see

The thrills unforeseen

All that is beautiful

Where colors convene


The occasion passed fast,

Like a time machine

They had to go home

Where they had their routine



Now frog and turtle

Ooops, Bob and Eileen

Have a brand new friend

Named Queen Colleen


She takes them to places

They never have dreamed

Seeing colors beyond

Those shades of green


They live happily

In their same old stream

Taking trips beyond

With their new friend, Colleen


To places so special,

Just like a dream

Swimming together

Just like a team



This message is clear

Change is the theme

You have your old friends,

You have your routine


But, make a new friend

Who shares a new dream

A special new friend

Like our Queen Colleen


Break away from your place

Like your steady ol’ stream

Experience new colors

Beyond shades of green


Take a trip into the deep

On a blue submarine

Take a trip some place new

Like we do with Colleen

© 2012 Heather Corti

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Added on April 24, 2012
Last Updated on April 24, 2012
Tags: frog, turtle, shark, stream, dream, queen, team, friends, submarine


Heather Corti
Heather Corti

Massapequa, NY

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