This Man

This Man

A Story by Crowley

Such is the way of life...


     One continuous path and a desire to be life, rather than just exist. This man had no grand plan other than to ride the time he was given the best he could.  Sometimes the ride was an uphill slog. He liked this most, realizing that when the path leveled he would know what it was like to work for the dead level of idle time and the short careening excitement of the downhill rush. This man was the stock and stable of the working class, handsome, responsible, dependable. Those that counted on him did so without a second thought. Food appeared, shelter appeared, the wonderful things that come with accountability and virtue abundant. Today this man was having one of his days, his thoughts while on the path turned to the blooming of the dogwood trees, the graceful playfulness of the swans on the north bank of the Rhine, the supple beauty of the women running, spandex pants requiring a second and maybe a third look. At noon, he crested the top of the hill near the dilapidated gray barn and thought about his wedding anniversary party that he would host on Sunday. His thoughts, his happiness, his life, a neatly wrapped package distracted him from the crossing, the damn crossing, look both ways, it was the rule. The train that hit his compact car was not traveling that fast, but fast enough to be the clear cut winner, the knockout champion, unfeeling and unmoved. In the second before the collision he thought about the loss of accountability and the birth of chaos, that child of the vacuum. There would be a new family member in this man’s household, a replacement, and he didn’t think for one second that the rest of the family would approve.

© 2019 Crowley

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This is superb SHOW instead of tell. Even tho life may feel like an ordinary drudge at times, it sure beats the alternative! Your well-chosen details paint a strong feeling about who this "everyman" could be. I felt some of his idiosyncrasies, albeit tightly-wrapped overall. The tragic ending came as a surprise & that, to me, is the beauty of crafting a little snippet of life that ends in a twist (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

It's not something I embrace, but there is some truth to "Life's a b***h, and then you die." Always, it's someone's sweet boy or girl; a person much loved by someone at some time. Your fine story shines a light on the subject. Surely, no one is born for no reason.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Which is why we should, but rarely do, treat each moment with the respect it deserves.

Short, with not ever such a sweet ending, but beguilingly all encompassing.


Posted 6 Months Ago

Crowley, I was thinking as I started to read this aw what a lovely hard working man.. so and so on. Then the Spanx lady came into it. And I think oh yes.. here we go...And then the almighty bang happened. LOL, tut, tut, poor guy. I guess he never got either wanted women or his wedding anniversary. He actually got more than he bargained for. Bad pun sorry.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Ok my I go...bare with's one of those. I started nutri- systems today to shed these unwanted pounds I've acquired since my foot pain startle and it has me all in a tizzy! I am having a lack of concentration and so I had to re-read this 3 times. I am not sure if I wanna hug you or shake you? maybe both! This man is you, but this ma is not you. Shouldn't we question? But, why are you questioning? It's a wrap unwrapped! YOU do see the dilemma? Crackers I tell ya, it feels like crackers! Eat some weinersnitchel and noodles for me will ya?

Posted 6 Months Ago

Magnificently written Crowley but I need to revisit as I fear having spent too long in the sun has done something to my brain, and I need to reconsider my initial feelings and get over the shock of your concluding few lines.. I dunno why... because your endings are so often unexpected and that my friend is both an understatement and a compliment.... maybe it was something to do with the image of those spandex pants which reminded me how difficult it is to remove such items of apparel.. and how it stings when they snag on a tooth and snap back at ya.... Yes sir.. I reckon I need to re-visit this here page.... enjoy Europe ....

Posted 6 Months Ago

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