Chapter 2: Now what?

Chapter 2: Now what?

A Chapter by Kasey Nichole

It all started a few years ago. Things changed in the province of Cane. Our old ruler President Wood died and his nephew took over the thrown. Kind Jared ll made quite a few changes since then. At first it was just small things, like adding a curfew, or making children between the ages of four to eighteen years old attend school lessons. But soon things became more serious... he began to throw people in jail for no reason, and his most recent, and probably his worse law yet, is the outlaw of love.
I turned on the casemen, which is like a radio, and listened in to King Jared's speech. 
"It is official. The outlaw of love is legalized. From now on, anyone caught practicing the emotion of love will be thrown in jail. This will help our nation become stronger in many elements. Anyone who is already married must come get a license and if they are caught without one, they will be jailed. You have until the fifth of November to get your license. If you do not have one by that time, you will be forced to separate. Only arranged marriages, approved by the government will be allowed. Thank you." 

I scuffed my foot against the ground. "He can't do this." I looked at Tristan. He moved over and sat next to me. Putting his arm around my shoulder he told me "Don't worry. We'll figure something out. We can petition. Remember the story about our ancestors going against their king, allowing them to hunt bears? They won. We can win too." I looked at him with sad eyes and said, " Tris, they were older men. We're sixteen year old kids. He won't even look twice at us. We'll be taken away from our families... and probably jailed." Tristan looked down and said to me "Well, no matter what, i'm sticking with you." I looked up at his deep brown eyes, and kissed him. I couldn't imagine losing him, not now. 
Tristan walked me home, and we walked as far away as we possibly could. There were police guards on every corner and they stood absolute, and fearless. The brown  muskets they held over their chests were a sign of the law, and a sign that was to be feared. When we approached the walkway to my house, Tristan nodded at me, and mumbled "Love you," under his breath. I turned around and walked inside. I didn't like having to hide our love. 

© 2013 Kasey Nichole

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I like it! It could certainly be extended a bit, but good work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Kasey Nichole

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