Chapter 3: Young and Naive

Chapter 3: Young and Naive

A Chapter by Kasey Nichole

This is a reminder to pick up all marriage licenses by November 5th at midnight. There will be no other time to pick up your license. All couples still found together will be punished appropriately. 
"What do they mean, punished appropriately?" 

"I'm not sure...probably be thrown in jail or something like that."

I shook my head, what were we going to do? I looked across the room at Tristan with his hands on the glass of the wide window. His biceps bulging out of his otherwise slender arms. I walked over to him placing my hand on his chest. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked up into his deep brown eyes.



"I don't want to lose you."

Just then Tristan turned around and looked me in the eyes. When I looked into his face I saw a story, I saw everything I ever wanted, I saw the boy I loved and I saw a part of me. 

"You'll never have to lose me."

Just then Tristan bent down and kissed me. I tasted his sweet lips on mine, making me smile as  his hand rested underneath my chin. When he pulled away, I burrowed my head in his chest. Tristan's shirt was off and thrown across the room because the small building was very hot. I felt the definition of his abs and chest against mine as he pulled me into a hug. Watching the small Indian tattoo on his chest flex as his arms engrossed me in a hug. 

'I love you, so much Madi..." 

"I love you too Tris, so much."

"I got...."

"Got what?"

I looked up at Tristan as he ran across the room and grabbed a copy of the newsprint with the exact law printed on it for everyone to see. 

Those in the Province of Cane shall not practice the emotion of love publicly.
Those in the Province of Cane shall not be married unless approved by the government.
Those in the Province of Cane shall not pick their mates, only arranged marriages will be permitted.
Those in the Province of Cane are not permitted to get marriage licenses from other provinces for they will not be legal here. 
You must be at least age 18 to acquire a license of marriage. 
"Okay, so if we petition to destroy the outlaw of love, we only kiss or show each other our love behind closed doors, and we get enough people to agree, than we can maybe over rule this law. Also, we didn't pick each other, love put us together. We don't have to worry about a marriage license because we aren't 18 yet, and maybe we can change some things before then." 

"You just might be on to something, Tris."

"What if we got together a group of angry province members and they helped us petition."

"That's a great idea, but if we're caught going against the government, we could be thrown in jail." 

Tristan shrugged, "If being thrown in jail means I still get to be with you, i'm willing."

"I am too."

I looked up and smiled at Tristan. I loved this boy so much, he was my whole world. My heart belonged to him, my lips called for him, and my soul wasn't whole without him. 

"You're crazy sometimes... but this idea might just be crazy enough to work. Let's start finding people tomorrow. Curfew is soon."
"Wait, a second.." Tristan said, a sly smile spreading across his lips.

I walked over and he pulled me into a hug, our lips connecting making us one. I smiled and laughed at the enthusiasm he put into his kiss. 

"I love you."

"I love you more."

© 2013 Kasey Nichole

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Added on March 12, 2013
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Kasey Nichole
Kasey Nichole

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