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Chrona had always had a rather hard time with girls. Hisoka was different, of course, but she was still a girl, and thus was still difficult from time to time. For example, when she explained to him what a ‘period’ was (and it was not punctuation), he didn’t know how to deal with it. When she told him that it’s okay for girls to play with dolls but with boys it’s seen as weird, he didn’t know how to deal with that, either. And when she told him that girls hitting guys was okay but guys hitting girls was bad, even if Medusa said that it was all the same, that really threw him for a loop and he didn’t know how to deal with it. She beat up on Isaac all the time, but he had never seen Hisoka get beaten up by anything other than a Kishin or another girl.


This very moment was harder to deal with than all of those others combined.


He had only wanted to check to see if they had enough toothpaste left, after Ragnarok had sucked the last two tubes dry. That was it, nothing else. Maybe if he had been paying more attention, he would have noticed that the shower was running. Maybe he would have seen the light coming underneath the crack of the door. Maybe he even would have heard her humming, as her voice always tended to reach him no matter where she was. But no. He had unwittingly barged in, and now, he was frozen in the door frame with his hand on the knob. Hisoka, who had just gotten out of the shower, was about five feet away from him. She had just been reaching for a towel. There were no clothes on her body.


“Eek! Chrona!” she shouted, covering herself. He nearly jumped out of his skin and jerked away from the door, banging his head against the wall behind him. Without even bothering to take the towel, she rushed out into the hall, dripping wet.


“Ch-Chrona! Are you okay?! Chrona, look at me!” she kept saying, not knowing whether the look in his eyes was a concussion, sheer terror, or not knowing how to deal with this at all. To make matters worse, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, tightly. She always did baby him, but this time, it was different in that it was absolutely the most difficult thing to deal with ever. His face was so red that it felt like it was on fire, and he didn’t have the faintest idea why. She was a girl, and she was naked.


“Chrona! Chrona?  Chrona!” she repeated, patting her hand against his cheek repeatedly in an attempt to snap him out of it. If it were Isaac who had barged in, he would be a dead man. But this was Chrona. Chrona didn’t know how to handle things like this. She needed to fix it, now.


“Medusa is SO gonna kill you for this,” Ragnarok said, darkly chucking from behind Chrona. One long, black hand reached around and groped Hisoka in an utterly unacceptable place. So, without further ado, she took out her book from god-knows-where and swung it at Raggy as hard as her arm would allow. And Ragnarok, being the coward he was, moved Chrona’s head in the way of it and caused the cover to connect hard with his cheekbone. He went sprawling out on the floor for a moment, then crawled faster than seemed humanly possible into the corner.


“I’msorryI’llneverdoitagainpleasedon’tkillme!” he shouted, covering his head and cowering from the wrath of Hisoka.


“Chrona! No! No, Chrona, I-I didn’t mean to! I’m sorry, Ragnarok m-moved you in the way and"oh, d****t, I’m sorry!”  In a matter of seconds, she was at his side again, causing him to squeak and turn even further into a ball.


“Don’tkillmeIdidn’tmeantoI’llneverdoitagainI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry…” he repeated, going on and on with the apologies. She silenced him with a finger on his lips.


“Shh. Shh, Chrona, i-it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to hurt you…” she brushed some of the hair from his face, looking at what she figured would be a bruise. But of course, she saw none. Ragnarok didn’t allow Chrona to bruise unless he wanted him to. Still, she kissed the spot where it hurt, even though he flinched away from it and tried to crawl away again.


“Chrona, it’s okay. It’s okay, Chrona.” She kept repeating this to him, despite the fact that she felt redder and more embarrassed than a cherry tomato. Clothes could wait, though. Chrona came first. It was humiliating for her, but even more so for him, she knew"the poor baby had probably never seen a girl’s unclothed body before. It must have been so shocking and so, so hard for him to deal with. She couldn’t help but hold him close and try to comfort him with sweet nothings.


“…Chrona?” she asked, after a time. He seemed to have gone totally limp. “Chrona…” She started patting his cheek again, but no response came from him this time. She looked at his eyes"they were shut and rolled into the back of his head. The boy, it seems, had fainted.


“D****t,” she mumbled under her breath, and kissed him once on the forehead before dashing off to throw on a towel. When she came back, she had to carry him all the way to his cot, which was much more difficult than one would think. He was a scrawny boy, but she was tiny, and lifting people up had not been in Shibusen’s job description. Eventually, though, she managed to get him in bed, and figured that she would be able to apologize for the soreness in the morning, though she honestly just hoped that he blocked the memory out. Imagining that Chrona had… seen her… caused her cheeks to break out in a massive blush.


Isaac, who had been busy making some supper for the duration of the incident, had only heard the crash and the noise. He’d put two and two together, and since then, had not been able to stop rolling on the kitchen floor, laughing his head off.


The last thing he saw for the rest of the night was the spine of a big, thick book coming down at his face.

© 2010 Dizzyspells

Author's Note

I own nothing in this story.
Hisoka and Isaac belong to Imagination
Chrona belongs to Soul Eater

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