A double espresso

A double espresso

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my book 'Summer tempest', which is published digitally with Amazon Kindle, and would appear soon as a paperback with 'Create Space'.


'Where has Smadar gone?' Nehama asked after having entered their pastry shop in a sudden rush, alarming Yoske who was sitting over an evening paper spread on the table before him.

'I've let her go. It's better to close the shop and go home, there's no chance that any client would arrive at these late hours. Yes I do think that we'd better close the business at seven pm, there's no point in getting dried  up here every evening up to nine pm for one client or two, it increases our costs that's all...'

'You shouldn't have let her go.' Nehama grumbled angrily raising her voice, and sat opposite him while moving the chair back in a harsh screech.

'She helps me to close down every evening; she is doing most of that lousy job.'

'So what happened, I'll help you to do it, okay?'

'Alright, pour me a glass of water I've a terrible headache.' She said getting back to her senses. 'You don't know what a day of work I'd today,' she added as Yoske got up to fetch her a glass of water. 'At three pm the street was blocked, a suspicious object was found; and all of a sudden we were crowded with people, do you think that it brought us some income? Just three of them ordered coffee or espresso, and one son of a b***h left without paying. I've had a terrible migraine because of it, and on top of it the cleaner didn't arrive; I've called the manpower agency's office, they hope to send us a replacement next week. In short Smadar and I had to do the cleaning this afternoon.'

'Won't you have coffee instead of plain water; it might relieve your headache.' Yoske asked her on his way to the counter.

'You know what get me a double espresso, without milk. She asked you to go?'

'Yes she did, she seemed quite exhausted to me.'

'We've found a dead mouse in the bakery room… It smelled awfully, just from that we got a terrible headache, gentle Smadar almost fainted and I'd to do all the work by myself. I'm not surprised she asked you to let her go.'

'Just one dead mouse that's rather interesting, they did spread mouse poison last week didn't they?'  Yoske wondered while preparing his wife the double espresso.

'That mouse must have died just recently, the day before yesterday I guess. Do you think that it could've reeked the whole week and we didn't smell it? I can't believe it but let's close down and go, it's getting late and I've yet to change. By the way I've bought a cool cosmetic care set for Riva.'

'Won't it be better if we'll stay at home tonight? You don't feel well you said.'

'Fetch me the espresso will you; how long does it take you to prepare it for God's sake?'

'Don’t be cross, I haven't touched this machine for quite a while, here I've finished to prepare and I'm getting it to you.' Yoske added and hastened to the table with the cup of her double espresso.

'Close the shop meanwhile,' Nehama remarked when he put the cup before her.

'How's the espresso?' Yoske asked standing still beside her.

'Bearable, well get on with it what are you waiting for?'

© Haim Kadman 2007 �" all rights reserved.


© 2013 Haim Kadman

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Added on July 4, 2013
Last Updated on July 4, 2013
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Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman