A Story by Haim Kadman

A short excerpt of my 10th book "An irretrievable step".


On Monday morning when Bianca and Ray were on their way to Rome, Abed Al Aazm met Rashid Abubaker Amina's replacement in his office at the Egyptian embassy. He could not meet him earlier say at the previous Friday, as he passed the weekend with his family in the resort town of Sperlonga.

'Well how was your weekend?' He asked his only aid now that Amina was on leave in Cairo. He would have given her up for good, but he knew that he would be left with just one aide, with Abubaker. The situation back home these days was very critical, and the intelligence organization had to give a hand to the interior intelligence during these days of crisis.

'Not bad at all sir,' Abubaker replied seeing in his mind's eye the blond w***e with whom he passed a very satisfying night.

'What are your conclusions on our subject matter then?'

'It was a very easy task sir I couldn't lose him, his somewhat swarthy features remind a Yemenite of Aden. He passed the week days visiting the chamber of commerce and the ministry of interior offices.

'Are you sure he didn't notice you?'

'No chance sir he seemed very busy with his thoughts and whatever he'd to do, so as I've said it was a very easy task to keep an eye on him.'

'You kept an eye on him on Friday afternoon too, or has he left Rome on Saturday morning?'

'He boarded the Friday four pm train to Florence sir, and you won't believe it he took that ride in the first class wagon.'  

He doesn't lack means then… I'll have to check if it isn't some organization that finances him, and I don't know how I'll do it…? But maybe it's the Venetian Coptic community, which paves his way and he already works for them?

'Listen Abubaker be at the train terminal from noon on, and see if he comes back and keep a strict eye on him.'

At about one thirty pm Abubaker called his boss office, but before he was able to tell his boss the amazing news, his boss scolded him sharply.

'I've told you not to call but to report at my office!' Al Azam shouted on his aide angrily. He was sure that the phone lines to the Egyptian embassy were controlled by the Italian internal intelligence, what he did not know was the fact that his office was bugged.

'He got off the first class wagon with a young pretty woman sir…' Abubaker informed his boss excitedly about an hour later. 'They hailed a cab and drove to the hotel Alimandi Vaticano, I'd to hire a cab too sir…'

'Don't worry Abubaker you did  a fine job, and I'll cover your expenses.'

© 2013 Haim Kadman

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Added on August 3, 2013
Last Updated on August 3, 2013
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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman