The lickspittle

The lickspittle

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short excerpt of my 10th book 'An irretrievable step'.'


At seven thirty two the phone continuous rings next to his bed woke him up from his slumber. After a long night in the El Mrocco night club plus additional special services, Al Azam planned to sleep up to midday at least. He raised the receiver and muttered a low good morning in Arabic.

'Good morning Fahami the boss expects you at nine am in his office.'

'Thank you ya habibi I'll be there.' He answered and as soon as he hung up he cursed aloud that nagging boss of his.

He was all alone in suite number six hundred fifteen on the sixth floor of the famous Shepheard hotel, and had trouble for a moment to find the suite's bathroom. He had too much booze last night and suffered from an acute hangover. But after having shaved and tidied himself up, he went down to the lobby and asked the receptionist to call a cab.

He reached center in time and was ushered to his boss office by his boss male secretary. After he sat all alone some ten minutes entered one of the boss's aides. He did not dare of course to occupy the boss comfortable armchair and sat on an unoccupied chair beside Al Azam.

'How are you doing Fahami?'

'God be praised thanks,' He answered dryly to that lickspittle whom he was sure that he will surpass very soon in rank and respect.

'The boss is very busy but he summoned you to let you know that Magid sent his first message from Jerusalem at two thirty am this morning.'

'That's good and very encouraging news.'

'That's not what the boss thinks Fahami, he says that it will be much more cheaper if you'll buy abroad enemy newspapers be it in English or in their hated language…'

'But they've just landed!' Al Azam retorted.

'Well that's right Fahami, but if they don't have some significant information they'll better not burden our busy technicians with trivialities.

'Okay I'll see to it.'

'You'll fly back to Rome this afternoon, to tie up all the loose ends you've left, and be ready to instruct and brief your replacement, he'll land in Rome at the beginning of next month. As soon as your replacement will be ready, say in a month or six weeks; you'll pack up and return with your family to Cairo.

'Has he said anything about my next job?' Al Azam could not refrain from asking

He said he'll think about it.' The aide lied to him.

'Can I see their message?' Al Azam remembered suddenly the pretext, with which he was summoned to this meeting.

'Here it is, read it,' the aide hastened to hand him a piece of paper. 'It's rather short.'

'That's not insignificant info, they've met with a prominent member the coalition… Was their message answered?

'Yes but just a confirmation that we received their message.'

I'll go down to leave them a message that will be sent to them the next time they'll contact us.

'The boss said that I'll take care of it till you'll return from Rome.'

The miserable lickspittle tried to frighten me… Al Azam thought amused on his way back to the hotel.

© Haim Kadman August 2013 �" all rights reserved.


© 2013 Haim Kadman

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Added on August 28, 2013
Last Updated on August 28, 2013
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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman