His last love affair

His last love affair

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short love story of a widower with all its complications.


After some forty eight years of happy marriage, Rose Edwards died at the age of sixty two, leaving behind her a grieving husband and two married sons and five grandchildren. Her death cause was cancer, from which she suffered several yeares.

Adam Edwards her husband was shattered by the death of his beloved wife, and mourned her for several months although he and the entire family knew that it’s bound to happen.

He was sixty seven years old a pensioner, but in a rather good shape and healthy. It took him those several months of mourning to realize how bitter lonliness is, he had a terrible urge to find a suitable match to fill up the gap that the death of his wife caused. He kept visiting the local pub, but most of the clients were married couples, plus a few young bachelors.

With no other choice he spent more time than usual at his computer, in search of dating sites. He suscribed to one of these sites, which fitted his advanced age; and after surfing for quite a while in it, he found a suitable female member in rather general terms. She was five years younger than him, and her introduction image was quite alluring. She introduced herself as Eve 307. It sums up to ten, he thought amused and very hopeful.

He sent her a message through the site, and they have exchanged several messages between themselves, before a date was fixed for their first meeting.

Two days later he met her at the local restaurant. They had dinner togather and the atmosphere was quite promising; he liked the way she looked, her polite behaviour, the way she expressed herself. But after some forty minutes she said she has to leave. He paid the bill and was ready to leave with her, but she allowed him to escort her up to the restaurant’s door, and before parting she told him that she will call him on the next day.

The next day passed very slowly but she did not call, it was him that tried to reach her at night time, but she did not answer, and he could only leave her a message.

Two more days passed without a sign of life from her part to his disappointment. He tried to call her again, but this time he was blocked.

And on that fourth day since their first ever meeting, he was sure that she has given him up.

On coming back home on that same night, he turned to his computer to check if she has anwered him, as hoped with dispair and to his utter surprise he found her answer.

She wrote to him a message full of complaints.

"I didn’t want to write to you because I didn’t wish to hurt you. You’re selfish you haven’t stopped talking about yousefl and you kept cutting me off with your witty remarkds. If I’ll ask you what do you know about me? You won’t be able to answer, cause you know nothing. I do wish you all the best.”

He was simply shocked as he was already in love with her, and he was afraid that he will never hear from again; except her first nane and her profile at the dating site, he knew nothing about her. All he could do was to send her an answer through the site, and he wrote his answer with a beating heart.

"My dearest my beloved Eve I in love with you and I miss you terribly, I’ll do all I can to appease you, to meke understand how much I love you...”

It may appease her but I’ll never hear from her or see her lovely face again. He thought distressed and deeply moved, althogh he could not understand how he fell prey so easily to her charms and so quickly.

He did appease her but it took two long days before she answered him, and said that she is ready to meet him again.

As he read excitedly her message, the blood rushed in his veins; he was in uphoria for several long seconds… But then his heart betrayed him, and that was the end of a very short love affair.

© Haim Kadman May 2019 - all rights reserved.

© 2019 Haim Kadman

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Added on May 14, 2019
Last Updated on May 14, 2019
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Haim Kadman

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