The Illusionary affair

The Illusionary affair

A Story by Haim Kadman

Aone sided love story.


The Illusionary affair

Richard Nesbi was somewhat perturbed because he made a week ago a few passes at a young good looking girl some fifteen years younger than himself, and after what seemed to him as a promising start it blew up in his face soundlessly would be the right term; as it happened without nasty quarles, or angry accusations, thus what blew up in fact were his hopes and nothing else.

He was thirty nine years old, on the verge of becoming a middle aged man, while the young female with whom he wished so much to develop an affair, was just twenty four years old.

Her name is Moira Norfolk, she is well known in her neighborhood and at the local pub. But to him she was just the good looking youngish stranger, which he met for the first time in Archie’s pub; a pub he did not visit up to that certain occasion.

He noticed her youthful beauty as soon as he entered the pub.

She sat on a stool next to the bar in a natural pose, which accentuated the alluring and lovely lines of her lithe body; but two young men were sitting on both her sides, and were trying each one of them rather hard to win her heart.

All he could do was to sit as close as he could to the bar, and listen to her and to her two suitors’ conversation; and watch with envy her white alluring nape, which he craved so much to kiss.

Hardly ten minutes of watching her back passed, and he heard her excusing herself; she left her stool in a rush, and as she passed close to his table she stumbled and if he has not been quick enough to get up and get hold of her shoulders, she would have collapsed and hit the floor.

She’s tipsy no doubt, he realized as he helped her to reach the service rooms. Right after he opened the door. she made a desperate run to the nearest sink and bent over it.

She’s vomitting! Richard panicked and rushed to help her, he held her brow with his right hand and caressed gently her back with his left one. She was not aware to his help, but when all was over she pushed his hands away.

Thanks so much daddy and do go out before me,, so no one would think that we’d sex in there; but get back to your table, and don’t you dare to bother me again from now on!’ She scolded him in a low voice, and went back to join her two suitors.

Well that’s the end of our affair. Richard concluded gloomily, and left the pub.

On the next evening he sat al alone in the almost empty pub next to the nearest table to the entrance, when she entered and stopped next to his table.

Buy me a drink,’ she turned to him to his utter surprise.

What would you like to drink?’ He asked her watching her beautiful face.

Scotch dummy,’ was her insulting answer.

Why should I buy you a drink if that’s how you treat me?’

Alright sorry, well?’ She replied smiling to him, and sat down facing him.

He went over to the bar and returned with their drinks, she raised her glass mumbled “tops up”, and emptied her glass with one gulp.

She winked to him with a sweet smile, ‘keep on what ever your name is, I love compliments.’ She added before she rose to her feet and left his company.

© Haim Kadman July the 30th 2011 �" all rights reserved.

© 2019 Haim Kadman

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Added on May 15, 2019
Last Updated on May 15, 2019
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Haim Kadman

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