His version

His version

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the novel "The Thrilling Aventure" - captain Gad Oron tells his version about the quarle he had with his team's head.


The Thrilling Adventure

An excerpt

After the males first taste of whisky and Zivit taste of the first drops of Cinzano Bianco, the atmosphere warmed up; the curiosity of the team's head and his wife was aroused, and questions that were not asked up to that convenient moment popped up.

'You look like a Kibbutznik (a Kibbutz member), but where are you from Gad?' Degani asked the brand new and intriguing member of his team, which was some six or seven years older than any one of them.

'Well I was a Kibbutz member I was born in Afikim, but after I've signed a contract as a regular army officer I'd to leave the Kibbutz. The Kibbutz committee was against it; I'd no other choice but to leave, and I'll return to Haifa in about three months from now, to where I live.'

'So you don't intend to serve on in the army?' 'No and I don't intend to take advantage of the option of a third year service in this country, I miss my relatives and my friends; while here one has to be in good terms with people, which he wouldn't treat as his friends in other circumstances.'

'It isn't always a disadvantage,' Degani opined with hopeful intentions.

'Well you're quite right and it looks like we're going to get along well, particularly due to the short time that I've still to stay on in this country.' Oron noted with a chuckle. 'How about a second round, it's on me.' He hastened to add to soften the cynical meaning of his last sentence.

They had a second round of whisky, except Zivit that had no intention to finish up her first drink, and kept sipping it from time to time.

'What went wrong between you and Yaniv?' She took advantage of the short lull to bring up to light, the most intriguing question that interested her and her husband.

'You can imagine that I'm not so eager to talk about it, but if I won't tell you my side of the story than his twisted version will dominate the delegation's talk.' Oron remarked with a smile of relief mixed with some embarrassment, he did not like to recall the quarrel he had with his ex team’s head.

'Well it ended up with this transfer thank God, and I've got rid of an extremely unbearable type of a man. I guess he would've been more tolerable if his wife would have aggreed to live with him in Jijiga, but she returned home and left him all alone here at his advanced age. I'd a relationship with a local wench, Melanish her name and he was terribly jealous; that's in fact is the second significant reason to his unbearable and abusive behavior, and that's why it all started.'

'But you've spent there about twenty one months, so how did it come to such bitter end just recently?'

'We've drilled four companies of the first regiment of the fifth brigade, one after the other with short intervals in between each course; me and Tanami the physical training instructor were busy at the camp, while Yaniv passed most of his time in Addis. But after the training of the fourth company there was a long break that didn't end yet, and Yaniv had to be in touch with the brigade headquarters, but he spent most of time with us…'

'So that swap up solution was a lucky strike from your point of view, isn't it?' Zivit suggested with an alluring smile.

Well in a way, I was glad to leave Jijiga and that busy body; on the other hand I parted with Melanish and it was hard to both of us, we knew that we'll never see each other again.' Oron added sneaking a look at Degani's face, and realized that his long conversation with his wife got on Degani's nerves. 'Well what time is it? A quarter past ten already, now if you won't mind Yossi and me are going to see what this town has to offer us at night time.'

© Haim Kadman 2019 - all rights .reserved.

© 2019 Haim Kadman

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The entry title brought me here.

Your work is nicely written. Great Work!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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