A candid chat

A candid chat

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short excerpt of my foruth book, Summer Tempest. Life in Israel at the begnning of the 21st century.

A candid chat
Summer Tempest
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I've got to go it's getting late… Yoske thought watching his wrist watch. He was sure that Erella has fallen asleep, but she opened her eyes moved her body slightly backwards and leaning on her elbow she looked at him.

'As we've already mentioned the security state, tell me Yoske do you believe in the peace agreement?'

'No and I haven't believed in that dumb idea from the very beginning, and you?'

'I don't believe in it too, but what's the reason why you didn't believe in it from its beginning and against the consensus? Erella asked him smiling.

'What's the reason that makes you doubt what I've just told you?' He wondered ignoring her question.

'Don’t answer me with a question but if you insist I'll tell this, although I don't know exactly why, it's that feeling you know; I've never trusted them, never.' She added vehemently. 'I remember the days when you used to take us to the avenue of the wild fig trees, near today's Culture Palace at the edge of the Rothschild Boulevard, and we used to watch their camel caravans; or when you took us as part of a group activity to their miserable villages in Soumail, in today's Iben Gvirol Street, and their kids used to run after us and chant "Palestina biladana kul Yahood calbana" (Palestine is ours all the Jews are our dogs) to spite us, do you remember those times? I remember the violent events and the war of independence, but how about you, why you don't you believe in that peace agreement, why?' She added with a note of naivety that surprised him,

'Because there's no possible way to satisfy them, and that's a one and short answer. I can write a book on the reasons why we'll never satisfy them, unless they'll defeat us as they keep dreaming; or on their lost honor that is more important to them than life itself, on their disgraceful defeat in the war that they have forced upon us.' He was heated up and made a short pause, but went on: 'They'll never forgive us and they'll keep blaming us for their own shortcomings, and these facts haven't influenced our statesmen thoughts it seems. Okay let's drop that frustrating issue, how long are you going to stay?'

'I haven't decided yet, I've talked with Mike right after I've heard about the car bomb attack he asked me to take the first flight back…'

Yoske coughed slightly with embarrassment. Must she remind me his existence? Must she extend the gap between us, to emphasize her elated state?

'What's the matter with you can't you adapt yourself to reality?' Erella asked him with a teasing smile. 'I wouldn't mind if you'll tell what you did with Nehama last night or with someone else, if there's someone else… Never mind tomorrow morning you're with me, from eight am on! Here take this magnetic card I've got an additional one.'

'You're very practical I've learned rather painfully to know this side of your character.' Yoske remarked unable to hide his hurt feelings.

'With all the sorrow with which I'd to give you up in our past, I did the right thing after all; but there's no need to refer to our past, what for?'

'Well you're right, but tell me how did you get my mobile number, won't it complicate our tie?'

'Not at all,' Erella answered him decisively. 'A private eye provided me your mobile number. It took him five minutes or less. He asked what's your occupation, called you pastry shop introducing himself as a representative of some company that can offer you some services, I don't know the exact details, but as you were not there at that time he asked your mobile number �" as simple as all that.'

© Haim Kadman 2019 - all rights .reserved.

© 2019 Haim Kadman

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Added on August 14, 2019
Last Updated on August 14, 2019
Tags: suspense, briefing, persuasion. fear, concern


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

Petach-Tikva, Israel

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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