An unexpected turn of events

An unexpected turn of events

A Story by Haim Kadman

A surprising renewal of family ties, ends up with an unexpected love affair, based on earlier friendly relationship.


An unexpected turn of events

Some six months ago Dennis Allen had a surprising phone call from Archibald Derby his cousin, whom he did not see or hear from about more than a decade, He was extremely glad to hear again Arachibald’s voice.

I’m fine Archie thanks so much, and I’m very glad to hear from you again; and how are you doing dear Archie?’

His cousin was some fifteen years younger than him, thus his answer was positive of cours. They have exchanged a few more words about the fact that he moved to that shoutern town, and on his new address in particular, and Archie promised to pay him soon a visit.

But it took more than six months before he heard from his cousin again.

I’ll come to see you next Tuesday, and I’ll bring Nora along...’

He’s bringing the beautiful Nora Mackenzie his cousin with him, and I haven’t seen her for ages. Dennis thought excited and he could see her beautiful features in his mind’s eye, and he remembered how he adored her when she was just a lovely teenager.

They arrived at about eleven am as planned and decided, and Dennis hosted them in his apartment. They were a bit excited to meet each other after such a long time. Archibald did not change much, he was a tall impressive man still; and Nora despite her white mane of locks, she was still a beautiful woman.

They sat in his living room but they did not touch the refreshment and drinks, which he prepared beforehand on the round coffee table; when he suggested to have lunch in the nearest restaurant to his place, Archie rejected politely the idea with a short response: ‘we don’t feel like, and above all it’s too early’. They did exchange a few sentences telling each other a few things about what they did and what happened, during that lost decade, in which they lived far apart; while Nora listened to their exchange of memories, without taking part in their dialogue.

After some fifty minutes Archie said that they have to leave, and without any other choice Dennis had to accompany them out to Archie’s car. He had a few words with Nora while walking beside her, but she was very restrained; and he concluded that she came along just because Archie asked her, because he did not wish to drive along such a long distance all alone.

She is so sweet and as beautiful as ever, despite the long years that seperated us. Dennis thought gloomily watching Archie’s car with Nora inside getting farther and farther till he lost its sight.

I fell victim to my own fantasies, hopping to start a relationship with her… He kept thinking disappointed.

But just two days later she called him, and that was the beginning of a renaissance in their lives.

© Haim Kadman 2019 - all rights .reserved.


© 2019 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 5, 2019
Last Updated on October 8, 2019
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Haim Kadman

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