Dinner at the cabaret

Dinner at the cabaret

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the thriller The Red Square.


Dinner at the cabaret

The Red Square

An excerpt

As Paul walked on along the corridor he could hear a female’s voice singing a slow and sad tune in Russian accompanied by balalaikas. A female attendant took the coat off his shoulders at the wardrobe and right after a few more steps he reached the restaurant’s hall.

As he watched the restaurant’s hall with its dancing square and the tables around it, the music, the singer’s voice turned into a stunning crescendo...

Tania was seated next to the closest table about two yards away from him smiling invitingly to him. She sat waiting for him without her fur cap, and she was attired in dark blue uniform; it accentuated her beauty and matched so well her dark blue eyes. It took Paul a friction of a second to recognize her without her cap and coat, but as he was getting near her the singer and the three musicians that accompanied her ended up in a shattering climax; while the scarce audience applauded the group enthusiastically.

Sitting down opposite Tania, he turned his eyes back to the singer watching her. She was bowing to the few guests smiling and thanking them time and again. A dark featured buxom, middle aged woman, but very good looking though.

She’s a gypsy and it’s a famous gypsy song, doesn’t it remind you something?’

Sure enough, love making that’s what that song reminds me so vividly, just in its rhythm; and how clever of you to insinuate it, and pretend at the same time as if you may have meant something else… Paul thought as he watched her beaming face.

A gypsy song you say, well yes it’s a lovely tune,’ He muttered clearing his throat. They know exactly in what state I’m in and that delicate matter in particular, is so very obvious... Jesus Christ I miss Alicia so much, six weeks have already passed by now, and I haven’t told her a thing about that mission of mine. I’ve lost her for good, the fool that I’m...

He took a long breath of air into his lungs and exhaled it slowly, watching Tania’s lovely face. She must be thinking that I’m pondering what my next step is going to be, should I cross the Rubicon or… In other circumstances I would have laughed openly in her pretty face.

A waiter reached their table he greeted them politely in Russian, and he handed Tania the menu, it was written in Russian of course. Tania raised her eyes to him with a mute but very clear question.

You choose and double it.’ Paul told her.

I’ll have just caviar, I’m on a diet.’ She said with a cheerful laugh. ‘But go ahead tell me what you’d like to eat.’

Oh, I’ll just have something to drink a double scotch or…’

Let’s have champagne instead and celebrate our meeting.’

Okay, it’s a good idea.’ He agreed and kept watching her. She’s sure I’m under her spell. No wonder, she’s a rare beauty and she’s the first one I didn’t reject. Paul thought somewhat worried, looking around him he noticed that the little group of musicians including the gypsy singer cleared the stage, and were not to be seen anymore, soft background music hardly audible reached his ears, an unseen pianist played it in a far corner.

© Haim Kadman 2020 all rights .reserved.

© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Well, I read all six of your stories. They were short and it didn't take me long to get through them. Why did I do it? Must be because I am listening now to the Shtisel miniserie and like it a lot. Not the crazy beards, papillotes, coiffures and dress code. And still, after a few episodes, becoming accustomed to such nonsense, I started to like those men. Don't worry. I won't convert but this viewing will sure contribute to augment my level of tolerance toward a community that lives under rules thousand years old and put the religion above everything. I guess Haim you're not that way. I pick you up because you come from the right place. And then, I saw the portrait beside your name. Must be you and you did it, didn't you? This caught my attention because, I too like to write and am a bit of a painter also. Mostly watercolors. Nice little stories you wrote. I can't do short. Like in my case, English is a second language for you. See you later...

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on February 19, 2020
Last Updated on February 19, 2020
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Haim Kadman

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