The dilema

The dilema

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short political fantasy.


The dilema

I must reach the right decision… Bernard Nash the majority party’s leader of the Crownland state parliament, sat thinking with quite an amount of desperation.

He was sitting in his study at his representative compound, he was after all the state’s head before the last electopm. But that last election ended up with a disappointing tie, a frustrating failure from his point of view; as the polls predicted a sweeping victory to his party. But it didn’t happed and he had to negotiate the establisment of a unity government, with his rival the opostion party’s head.

For truth sake it isn’t my only option, I’m at the very end of the prices, which would turn me into the state’s absolute ruler. The prime minister will be under my authority, without the least freedom of action. He’ll have to act according to my instructions. Yes that’s exactly my goal, to which I’m moving forward rather cautiously. The archaic ruling system, which the previus generations brought with them from earth is history… It’s high time to do the needed change, and who except me is able to do it? Nash kept thinking with much satisfaction, and a shade of smile appeared on his pursued lips.

While he was still buried in his thoughts, someone was knocking lightly on his studio’s door; the door opened up and his secretary entered with a slightly bowed head.

Baldwin has sent you a message sir...’ His secretary told as soon as he got nearer to his master.

Okay Gilbert no need to get down to detail. Call him and do tell him that I’ll get in touch with very soon; and send the safety officer to my studio on the double.’

His secretary left right away, leaving the studio’s door wide open. Hardly five minutes passed and the safety officer presented himself before his master.

leave the reins to your deputy, take two men with you, go straight to baldwin’s home, and tell him that I need to meet him stealthily; and right after he sit on the back seat, shut the car’s rear door and drive him to our detention facility and lock him in there...’

But without a court order sir, it will cause a riot…!’

There’s no need to worry Bruce, right after you’ll lock him up call me, and I’ll turn to the nation and tell our loyal citizens that Baldwin was plotting not just to cut off my glorious career, but to bump off as well.’

How I was inspired all of a sudden, how I solved that frustrating dilema in a jiffy. Nas praised himself smiling happily.

@ Haim Kadman April the 13th �" all rights rederved.

© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Added on April 13, 2020
Last Updated on April 13, 2020
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Haim Kadman

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