A Story by Haim Kadman

Seri's impressions after the fitst meeting with their representative. Chapeer 4 of the thriller "An irretrievable step".


An irretrievable step

Chapter 4

On coming home Seri checked his phone messages; There were two, one from his base headquarters, releasing him from duty up to next Sunday, and the second was from Tami.

He did hesitate whether to contact her or not, she will realize right away that he calls her from home, and not from his military base.

The time is seven fifty five why not see her and enjoy her company? He wondered puzzled by his own hesitations, after all he is free and it's early yet; they will have the entire evening to themselves, and he will find some excuse why he told her that he's on duty tonight.

He called her and realized clearly how glad she is to hear his voice. She said she will come to pick him up in five minutes time, and did not ask how come he is in town, and she was not supposed to know it.

They had a light dinner in her favorite restaurant, and went to dance afterwards; they ended up at her place; and that was of course the night's highest peak.

He stayed the night with Tami and the next morning she prepared a special breakfast for both of them. And as it was the right time to query how he managed to make her so happy last night, when he was supposed to stay on duty at his base; she brought that curious question up, while they were drinking coffee.

Seri cleared his throat and looked at her surprised, he was sure that this certain matter was behind him already.

'I'd a meeting dealing with my career future, and at its end I called you.'

'What was it about?' She wondered alarmed. She was sure that he is sincere and does not hide anything from her, and here he comes with that tale. Has he had a blind date that did not work out with some other girl?

'It's some vague offer of promotion within the army; I'll be much wiser next Monday… I'm supposed to meet the same man or someone else, and learn some more details about it.'

'But couldn't he or whoever they're tell you what it's all about?' Although it was getting late, and she had to drive to the university in the next few moments; she had to know it, she realized that it might influence their relationship's future.

'They've to find out first of all if I fit at all to their standards, that's must be it; I don't know if I'll accept their suggestion, even if I'll be found fit from their point of view, for I'm doing well where I'm posted and there's still time...'

'You'll let me know what it's all about Dudi…' She asked him with beseeching eyes.

'Of course Tami, I won't hide anything from you; still it might end up with nothing at all.

'I'm late and I've to go,' she hastened to add and got to her feet.

'Me too, I'm going to see my parents tonight, and I'll be back tomorrow morning early, to have another delicious breakfast with my Tami.' He added and left his seat and moved towards her to hug and kiss her.

That loving gesture and his honest answer to her urgent question a few moments earlier, was the little he had to do to keep their relationship going as best as he could; in spite of his doubts, and the uncertainty concerning his career's future. He knew that even if he will reject that certain job offer in about a year from now he will be assigned to a field unit, and he did not believe he will be accepted as the right groom choice by her family, for their only daughter.

These thoughts busied him on the train to Beer Sheva, on his way to spend the rest of the next twenty four hours with his family.

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Added on September 28, 2020
Last Updated on September 28, 2020
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