The refusal

The refusal

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 6 of the thriller "An irretrievable step".


The refusal

An Irretrievable Step

Chapter 6

On Sunday morning Seri returned to his base early than usual. He met his direct commander Major Farber who updated him on the day's schedule, and Seri exact tasks on that day, although Seri knew by heart the entire week's schedule, he listened attentively to his company commander, and set out right away to carry out the little he had to do on that day.

The entire company plus its staff had to convene at the base's lectures hall right after breakfast and the morning parade, to listen to the base commander's lecture on leadership.

'Didn't you hear last night newscast?' Lieutenant Barda asked him, watching him with a quizzical look; while he was sitting beside him at the base mess hall.

'No I haven't heard, seen or listened, you can guess why…'

'Yeah I got your message.' Lieutenant Barda answered him but he did not smile or thumped Seri's shoulder, in a show of male solidarity.

'A spy was caught in Damascus, one of ours. He was the most important source of information we've ever had.'

'Oh really,' Seri muttered but had no time to think of an answer, they were ordered by Major Farber to check their platoons, and lead their men to the lectures hall.

The afternoon hours were passed in a platoon discussion on leadership, which every platoon commander had to conduct following the base commander's morning lecture.

That same night Seri had to serve as the base officer on duty. He hardly dozed on his chair in the officer of duty office, between rounds of checking the base guards every two hours. He listened to the news and to the commentaries whenever he was back at the office about the fate of that poor caught spy, and as an outcome of that sad piece of information he hardly slept between checking rounds and was rather tired and worried on the next morning.

He had to supervise the platoon's morning training drill, but during the afternoon he was free to rest and prepare himself for his next meeting with the mysterious Gad.

On his way to town he remembered with a sudden alarm that he had to call them and fix the place and hour, but he forgot all about it due to that piece of news about the agent that was caught in Damascus no doubt. Thus he headed again to Eliot Café, and reached it at six fifty three pm. He hoped they will miss him and he won't hear from them ever again.

But at seven pm sharp the same young man the one named Gad, which he met at the first meeting at Eliot Café, has arrived this time with a middle aged tall man.

He stood up to welcome them but Gad muttered 'let's go' and they went outside to a van that was waiting for them.

They took him to a chirography expert, a test that lasted some forty five minutes and then to a psychiatrist at the other side of town, where he was tested with a psycho technical test that lasted two hours. He had no idea what the results were, but the fact that they ended up in a downtown restaurant, was the proof that he passed the tests successfully.

They ordered mixed grill and a bottle of red wine, his favorite dish and the wine he used to drink, to his utter surprise.

They seemed to be in good spirits both his strange companions; they were exchanging witty jokes, doing their best to free him from the gloomy mood that his face radiated.

When the meal was almost over the middle aged man introduced himself as Samuel, turned to Seri and said:

'All you've to do now is sign the contract; it's a seven year contract…'

Seri was astounded, a seven year contract…!

He sat still watching Samuel's face shocked, and unable to comment though he wished to.

'It's a two year period of training and five years service in an enemy country.' The talent scout added solemnly.

The fact that this impressive middle aged man was the organization's talent scout was known to Seri only some time later, but although that stranger's charismatic appearance, his impressive personality and persuading influence Seri decided to reject their offer.

'I'm not going to sign that contract, I'm sorry.' He declared decisively.

'Okay you've our phone number, if you'll change your mind do let us know.' The talent scout said with a benevolent smile. 'You may go now.' He added smiling still.

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Added on October 1, 2020
Last Updated on October 1, 2020
Tags: suspense, thriller, espionage, intelligence, rejection


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