A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 15 of the thriller An Irretrievable Step.


An Irretrievable Step

Chapter 15

The rest of that night up to one am, Jeremy spent in his apartment room watching the local TV channels for a while; he was zapping in fact trying to catch a few Italian words in vain.

The next morning was dedicated to shopping of various food staff and groceries for his kitchenette, a task that was completed even before he had anything to eat at that morning. There was a shopping center not far off, and thus he returned rather early and had his first branch in his own room, while watching some TV program, trying again despite his difficulties to understand more and learn a few more words in Italian.

He hardly emptied his first coffee cup when his phone line started ringing suddenly. It was Vito who was connected to his room by the reception's exchange.

'Hello Jeremy how are you?' He asked him in English.

'I'm fine thank you…'

'Ascolta, sorry listen let's have lunch together at the Sasa restaurant at Pergolesi twenty one, I've called several colleges but you'll have to decide of course in which one you wish to study.' He went on explaining to the astounded Jeremy. 'I'll be there at one pm, does it suit you?'

'Yes it suits me fine,' Jeremy hastened to reply.

'Allora ci vediamo, (see you then,)' Vito muttered and hung up.

A few moments after one pm Vito arrived and joined Jeremy's table. Jeremy stood up to welcome him and they shook hands with warmth; they sat next to the table that Jeremy chose at the hall's corner, away from the restaurant's glass pane and the few guests that occupied the tables close to the entrance. .

Although Jeremy was quite sure that his operator is an Israeli, their conversation was conducted in English. Jeremy had enough sense not to emit a single syllable in Hebrew.

'Have I surprised you mentioning colleges and studies during my phone call? Vito asked him as soon as they sat down.

'In a way yes,' Jeremy answered him and watched the waiter, who was approaching their table.

Vito ordered in Italian and waited till the waiter went back, and was out of earshot.

'I've let them know a few bits of information about you, so they know now that you're a student and you've come to study in Milan; and thus they won't be too curious, and they'll treat you as they treat every other guest of theirs.'

'I see, it did surprise me but you have a much better knowledge than me in these matters.' Jeremy muttered smiling.

'We'll pass the next three weeks together every day, in various sectors all over the city. I won't call you again except in a case of emergency; our next meeting will take place at one pm at the Kitchen restaurant 40 Via Neera, it's easy to remember.'

'How do I get there, with a cab?'

'No of course not, as a student you're not expected to have the means to use cabs day in day out. You'll ask the receptionist whoever it will be to give you the town's metro line and the city buses and trams lines' maps, and to instruct you how to use these means of transportation, got the message?'

'Si I've got it, but what if I miss you by mistake and end up at the other side of town?' Jeremy asked him with an embarrassed smile.

'I like your sense of humor, but here the waiter on his way to our table with our food. I didn't order more than a dish of lasagna and wine, you'd something to eat already I guess.'

Jeremy nodded his head while the waiter laid down their dishes and opened up the bottle of wine offering a few drops to Vito to test it, as Vito approved it he filled their goblets and left.

'I'll wait up to two pm and if you won't show up, we'll meet there the day after tomorrow at the same time.'

'Okay I'll do my best not to miss you. What about Passover…?'

'Forget Passover,' Vito answered him in a whisper. You'll better visit a church service in Pasqua. But let's talk about your studies.' You'll study At the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano. You're already registered there to study the Italian language and drawing.'

'I've never been attracted to art, I've never visited a museum or an art gallery during my entire life.'

'It doesn't matter at all,' Vito hastened to calm him down. 'Whatever you'll get out of it will serve you in the near future. It's a six months course and you'll have enough time to catch up the minimum you'll need. The Italian language is your main goal; you'll have to read papers, books, watch TV, movies and speak all along those six months with people here in Milano.'

Right after lunch Vito did not lose time, they went down into the nearest metro station and boarded the train. Vito explained to him the little he had to know about fare tickets, and the only metro line that was under expansion development, but most of the time they travelled not just with the metro one line, but with the city's buses and trams.

'You'd better buy a forty eight hours ticket that allows you to use all the city means of transportation.'

They took a break from time to time to stroll in downtown to visit the town's famous sites and edifices, like La Scala theatre, the Arch of Peace in Sempione Park and the Basilica di Santo Eustorgio, which Vito recommended him to visit whenever he could. and during Pasqua in particular; but how to get to their meeting the next day at the Kitchen restaurant Jeremy shall have to find his way without Vito's guidance.

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© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 17, 2020
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A Story by Haim Kadman

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