A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 17 of tha sthriller "An Irretrievable Step".


Chapter 17

The time passed slowly after Vito's departure. Jeremy was free to do whatever he wished to do, be it visiting parks, museums, galleries during daytime or nightclubs at night time. He did not had to be instructed anymore, he had his meals in his room to save money, as a supposedly student should; and he had sense enough to keep on touring the city to know it better, and he visited movie theatres' that showed movies in English with Italian dubbing to catch some words in that language. In this way Jeremy carried on up to the twentieth of April, when at the end of Easter Holiday he decided to visit the academy's offices to confirm his participation in the preparatory courses, and to purchase whatever he needed for the drawing course.

While visiting the Academy's offices he made some inquiries and learned that there is a photography course too, but registration was closed long ago, and some forty per cent of its participants were foreign students. He did not ask of course what the students' nationalities are, for he could guess that some of them must be from the Middle East.

Three days later on Monday April the twenty third Jeremy started his Italian language preparatory course, with twenty three students of different nationalities; most of them were from neighboring countries some from the Americas three Japanese two males and one female, and just one Libyan a female too. All in all there were nine males while the rest were female students. Every one of them was between five to seven years younger than Jeremy, they were in fact still teenagers, between sixteen to eighteen years old most of them.

But there're at least plenty of lovely faces to watch, the Scandinavians females in particular. Jeremy thought trying his best to encourage himself; he felt so much out of place among his young class comrades.

Nevertheless he realized that things have started quite conveniently as far as he was concerned, his beard and spectacles attracted just a few seconds of attention, and the general verdict was: too old.

He could concentrate in studying the Italian language, and he liked it not just because he found it easy to learn, he loved its sound from the very beginning.

A week later he started the drawing preparatory course during the evening hours from five pm to eight thirty. The students of this course were mostly Italians, sixteen of them girls and boys from all over Italy, and except himself there was just another foreign student. It was Kasumi the Japanese young female, which learned with him at the Italian preparatory course. He hardly noticed her during the previous week, as he directed all his attention whenever it was possible to the lovely Scandinavians, but when he entered the drawing class after everyone else on that first day of Monday afternoon, there was just one unoccupied seat; and it was next to Kasumi's desk. While taking his seat he looked down at her and asked her politely: 'may I?' She looked up from her open drawing paper pad and blushed. She nodded her head with a forced smile, which seemed more like a grimace than a smile. He pulled out his own drawing paper pad from his broad portfolio and his set of pencils ready to scribble, and all along the first drawing class hour he made efforts to follow the teacher's instructions; while watching amazed Kasumi's skilled hands and adorable talent.

At the first break he introduced himself to her, telling her just his first name, while avoiding her eyes from time to time, to make her feel at ease. Although they sat next to one of the front desks, they did not attract particular attention despite the indirect passes he made very carefully at her.

She was not a beauty but had a pleasant enough features, and a whitish face adorned with coal black long hair. At eight thirty at the end of their first evening lesson, when they stood up he saw how skinny she is and how small her stature was; on her high heels she was not taller than five four.

He did not mind it at all and he had a terrible urge to chat with a female and enjoy a female's company, he has not had the intimate feeling of a female's company since he left Tami.

'May I see you home?' He asked her bending his head towards her face.

'Oh no thank you for your kindness, I live in the students' dormitory a few yards from here… Please go now…' She added blushing up the roots of her hair.

'Good night Kasumi see you tomorrow then,' he said and left her.

Well we've much in common Kasumi and me. Jeremy thought amused on his way to the bus stop.

Her shyness keeps her away from people, and I have to keep away from certain people, and keep a certain distance from the few I'll be in touch with; so to strike a friendship with Kasumi is a real opening with much hope, and above all I'm allowed meanwhile to live without checking and rechecking every step I take as I'll have to do in the near future. He thought while waiting to his bus to arrive.

But throwing a curious glance back he saw her standing with someone on the pavement before the students' dormitory entrance. He was not sure at all whether it is Kasumi, but the male that stood beside her started to move fast towards him. Jeremy watched him getting nearer with a sense of alarm.

Is he some suitor of hers that has been insulted in some way or hell knows what…?

'Excuse me very much,' one of the young Japanese' that studied with him and Kasumi Italian hastened to declare politely, as he reached him.

'Kasumi wishes to express her apology, she didn't mean to offend you and she's very afraid she did.'

'Oh not at all I haven’t been offended at all. Thanks very much for your effort and do give Kasumi my warmest regards.'

The young Japanese smiled satisfied shook warmly hands with him, and rushed back. But Kasumi was not to be seen anymore, she has already entered the students' dormitory.

I should have asked him his name and have introduced myself, how foolish of me Jeremy thought. Never mind I'll do it tomorrow. He promised himself watching the bus gliding slowly into the bus stop bay.

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