The date

The date

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 19 of the thriller "An Irretrievable Step".


Chapter nineteen

On Monday morning while Jeremy was on his way to the bus stop, someone attired with a summer suit and a tie with blue and white stripes came smiling towards him.

'Hello Jeremy,' He said softly in English and extended his right hand as he reached him.

Jeremy shook the stranger's hand and watched him with a quizzical stare.

'Where's the nearest restaurant or café to your place?' The stranger asked him.

'The restaurant's name is Sasa and it's in this same street number twenty one.'

'I'll see you there at nine fifteen pm, or would you prefer an earlier or later hour?'

'Nine fifteen is okay,' Jeremy replied to his brand new operator. He had no doubts at all that the stranger was his new operator, the one that replaces Vito. As Jeremy did not refer to it as more than an introductory meeting, he went on to the academy and passed the day as any other day, improving his knowledge in the Italian language in the morning hours, and enjoying Kasumi's company in the late afternoon in the drawing course classroom.

He reached the Sasa restaurant a moment or two earlier, and he did not have to wait much to meet his new operator.

'Call me Joe, he said as he sat opposite Jeremy. 'I've brought you two letters one from your parents, and the other from your friend.' He went on talking and handed Jeremy the two letters beneath the table. 'Read it in your room I'll have your answers tomorrow morning at the nearest bus stop to your place.'

'I gave that address only to my parents…' Jeremy muttered expressing with emphasize his clinging to the rules of secrecy.

'Well she must have someone in her family with the right ties, but you don't have to answer her if that's your problem.'

'Okay, is there anything else…'

'Yes Jeremy I've brought you some means, two hundred and fifty bucks, and I'll meet you on Monday night in two weeks time at the entrance of Parco Solari from Via Valparaiso, at ten pm sharp.' He added while handing Jeremy the money envelop under the table.

'How is your Italian by the way?'

'Not bad,' Jeremy replied cautiously. 'I need some more time…'

'It's one month already isn't it? You'll have just two more months in this academy Jeremy, do your best to learn much as you can.'

'I don't believe I'll speak this language fluently in such a short time…' He remarked with alarm thinking of Kasumi.

'You don't have to worry you may resume your studies elsewhere or there might be a change of plan, but there're still two months before you.' Joe summed the matter up with a smile.

He refers to my affair with Kasumi the rascal that he is. Jeremy thought somewhat worried.

'Thanks Joe I'll do my best and I'll be there on time on Monday night.'

The week oozed by slowly, he exchanged smiles and a few hasty words as Kasumi happened to pass him while entering the morning classes, or at the breaks between lessons and during lunch breaks, but during the evening they sat together and exchanged a few sentences in Italian in the breaks between lessons, as the Italian language was her Achilles heel; while she taught him the methods of Japanese drawing, as drawing was his Achilles heel. Thus their platonic affair developed satisfactorily with much caution from Jeremy's side, and each evening at the end of the drawing class he saw her to the students' dormitory. He touched her hand or arm inadvertently or when he wondered aloud how delicate her hands are, while shaking her right hand just before parting at the entrance of the dormitory.

He was aware to the fact that their platonic affair was known, and to the gossip and rumors that were spread in the Academy's Campos; though there were much more juicy stories about other hot love affairs, which pushed their unexcitable affair to the fringes of the general attention.

But he had to ignore passes from several Scandinavian beauties and the Libyan female that seemed to fancy him. They realized that he has more means than the average student, and wondered no doubt why he wastes his time dating bashful Kasumi.

But Jeremy did not mind the gossip and the sly jokes behind his back, he stuck to his plan without any doubts at all. He will win Kasumi's heart just as he won her trust in him, that was his belief.

He bought a culinary dictionary English-Italian and learned by heart the definitions of the many Italian delicacies and dishes, to be able to order what they will have, when Kasumi would say yes, and will accept his invitation to dine with him.

As the next weekend drew nearer on Thursday night Jeremy reserved a table for Friday night at the Living Milano restaurant near the Parco Sempione and the Duomo, if Kasumi will reject his invitation he can always cancel it, he could not be sure that she will not accept his invitation or that he might have to delay it.

Thus on Friday when he walked with her towards the dormitory he asked her politely to have dinner with him again on that night.

'Where and how do we get there?' She asked without shyness and without the slightest hint of possible objection either.

'It's in the center near the Duomo and Parco Sempione, we'll hire a cab.' He hastened to add, as that certain restaurant was quite far off.

A spark of happiness glinted in Kasumi's eyes as she looked up at him surprised.

'Wait for me please at the bus stop, I'll be back in five minutes.' She muttered and left him, while he watched her walking in a hurried step towards the dormitory's entrance.

She came back wearing a white mini skirt and a pink blouse, and looked sweet like a cherry blossom in full bloom.

They walked together up to the next corner away from eyes that might watch them from the dormitory's windows, as Kasumi wished and asked for; although they were seen by several students since they left the drawing class room.

She doesn't want her two compatriots to know that we're hiring a cab, which means that we're bound to have peaks of entertainment, which they aren't able to reach, sweet secretive Kasumi. He thought amused sitting beside her on the cab's rear seat.

The dinner was a real treat; the restaurant was an excellent choice. The atmosphere was electrifying, despite the fact that it was not crowded, the service as an outcome was excellent. Kasumi's presence attracted much attention, which was expressed by the way the Italian waiters treated them. Jeremy read the menu to her and explained to her every item in it, and realized how happy she is and how much she enjoys his company on that special night.

When the meal was almost over and it seemed as if they have exhausted the few issues that both of them were ready to speak of freely, Jeremy looked at her with a quizzical stare pondering how to put into words his wish.

'Shall I see you back?' He asked her hoping she will say no.

'It isn't late yet, there's still plenty of time,' She muttered blushing.

'Shall we then go…' He did not dare to mention the word hotel; he knew it might ruin everything and cause the end up their budding relationship.

'Oh let's go to the park, and talk it's so pleasant outside.' She dared to suggest surprising not just him but herself as well.

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© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 28, 2020
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