A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 20 of the thriller 'An Irrtrievable Step".


An irretrievable step

Chapter 20

At about two pm Jeremy was back in his room after having escorted Kasumi to the dormitory.

What a night it was… He thought amazed still unable to think on anything else but their love making, on the bench in that vast park; just like two teenagers making love for the first time in their lives. He did not expect her to yield to him as soon as they sat down on that bench.

What an incredible bliss these three hours were; no pain not one drop of blood… She pierced herself she whispered in my ear. Where and when in her room lavatory before she changed? Sweet Kasumi I love you so much… He mused sprawled on his bed in the darkness.

The days flew by and the next weekend he spent with Kasumi in Milano's The Gray Hotel checking in like a married couple. They strolled from time to time during the weekend's two blissful days in the city's center, they had their meals at the hotel's restaurant, but they spent most of the time in their hotel's room.

Life can be a dream sometimes, Jeremy thought with wonder. Kasumi was wise enough not to leak even a hint to her roommate or to her two young compatriots, and there were some real juicy hot stories of others that kept Kasumi and his relationship in the shade.

He did progress well in his Italian language studies and helped Kasumi by talking to her in Italian, be it in the classroom or even in bed at the weekends. But in the drawing lessons he was not as good, despite Kasumi's efforts. But it did not worry him as he had several meeting with Joe in different sites all along the months of May and June. He told Joe at their second meeting about his shortcomings in drawing, but Joe was not impressed at all by Jeremy's problem.

'Oh it doesn't matter, it's okay.' Joe said without explaining why. He brought him letters from his parents and provided him with means, and never asked him about his high rate of expenditure. His past relationshop with Tami was cut off, since he returned her first letter without answering it; and with the passing time he has forgotten her completely.

On Tuesday night June the twenty fifth at nine thirty pm he had dinner with Joe at the restaurant Don Carlos in Via Manzoni. Joe handed him two envelops, the letter from his parents and the usual sum of two hundred fifty dollars, even before he summoned the waiter to their table.

'Listen Jeremy scribble a few words to your parents on this piece of paper right now, we won't meet in Milano anymore.'

'Am I supposed to…?'

'Yes Jeremy on Monday Morning you're flying to Rome, here's your flight ticket.'

'Do I've to inform the academy's administration, or…'

'Nothing of the kind just leave it to us, and if there're some ties that you have to cut off, do it diplomatically.'

'I see and okay I'll manage,' Jeremy muttered thoughtfully. 'I've a fridge full of food staff.' He added with a chuckle.

'Leave it behind and tip generously the one that took care of your room. You didn't mess with her I hope.'

'I haven't met with any of them, and I don't know if it's a female or a male. I usually leave early and I do return late.'

'Okay listen then,we've booked you a room plus all you need, just like the one you've been accustomed to here; the name is Central Room, it's near the Vatican in Via Matera. It's a short flight of course and you'll have enough time to settle down there and to rest a few hours. I'll meet you at ten pm on that same night at the restaurant 'I Due Leoni', suits us well doesn't it?' He remarked with a chuckle. 'The address is Via Ugo Ogeti 416, not far from where you'll stay.'

On Wednesday Jeremy acted as usual without exposing even the tiniest trace of his inner feelings. He did not know yet how he is going to tell it to Kasumi; he did not dare to think of it either. He smiled to her at the morning Italian language lessons and exchanged a few greetings with her while they entered the classroom, just as they usually behaved in public, during these last two months. At the evening drawing lessons it was somewhat harder, but he managed to keep the usual pleasant countenance while Kasumi was restless and sad; but she did not say a word about what bothered her, not even when he walked her to the dormitory. They parted as they usually did every daily week's evening with a handshake, and a polite greeting.

But on Thursday morning when Jeremy entered the classroom, he met Akahiro who was waiting impatiently for him, and rushed to him as soon as Jeremy crossed the classroom threshold.

'I'm sorry to inform you and do accept my apologies…' Akahiro muttered perturbed coughing and clearing his throat. 'Kasumi left very early this morning, she's flying home, her father is very sick… She received a telegram yesterday and she asked me to tell you that she hopes to be back in a week or ten days time at the most.'

'At what time is she supposed to fly?' Jeremy asked the young Akahiro in alarm.

'She had to board the plane at seven am; I'm really very sorry Jeremy.

'Thank you for your kindness Akahiro I appreciate very much your help and your excellent manners.' He said while shaking Akahiro's hand unable to add another word.

He was distressed all along that day, but it did save him after all an unpleasant face to face parting with Kasumi.

I don't know how I would have behaved in such a case? I wouldn't have shaded tears I guess, I've my share of parting experience, but I'll miss her terribly my sweet Kasumi.

Friday morning passed somehow, the Libyan Anubi or whatever her name was tried to strike a conversation with him, he did not believe that she knew who he really is, anyway he skipped her as politely as he could. But he did not attend the evening drawing class; he had enough sitting all alone next to their desk trying in vain to draw an acceptable drawing.

His last weekend in Milano passed rather slowly. He visited the City's center and all the places where he used to stroll with Kasumi.

On Monday morning he did not need more than half an hour to pack his things and reach the reception. He asked the clerk to call a cab, took his leave and drove to Malpensa airport.

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