An incredible weekend

An incredible weekend

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 25 of the thrller "An Irretrievable Step”.


Chapter 26

When Monday morning came like heralding his last week in Florence, and he was expecting a gloomy meeting with a downhearted Bianca at the academy, he was utterly surprised to get a joyous welcome from her with a smile that lighted up her beautiful features.

'My father will pick you up on Saturday morning when you'll have to leave your rented room at eleven am.' She hastened to tell him with a beaming smile.

Although he was astounded by his misjudgment he smiled back to her, as if this tiding made him happy.

And I thought that I know well enough human nature. Am I considered as her right suitor, or is it some kind of compassion towards the lonely sympathetic stranger? As for Bianca it must have been her first ever kiss… He thought amazed. He kept Bianca and her two followers company in every break, and just during lunch despite the rumors and the talk behind their back. They were nicknamed "il quartetto", which made the four of them laugh.

Thus the last week days flew by and on Friday afternoon before they parted, Bianca passed him on her way outside.

'Don't forget and be ready at eleven tomorrow morning.' She reminded him knitting her brows.

On Saturday morning at ten forty eight am when Ray was sitting in the small lobby of Vista dal'Alto boarding house with his luggage expecting Bianca's father arrival, a silvery Alfa Romeo Guilietta stopped near the road's curb opposite the boarding house entrance.

He had no doubts that it must be Binaca's father and he took his suitcase and bag, and took politely his leave from the clerk on duty and went out.

Bianca's father senior Luigi Conti as he was introduced to him last weekend came towards him shook his hand warmly, and helped Ray to load his luggage in his car.

During the ride except the exchange of few polite greeting senior Conti was curious to know whether Ray will use the professional knowledge that he acquired in the summer course.

In other words he expresses his wonder why a twenty four years old man like me wastes his time with teenagers in a three months summer course instead of studying on for a higher degree. I'm not surprised at all; he might think that I'm still influenced by my supposedly sad family affairs… Ray realized right away what senior Conti really wished to know.

'I needed a change of atmosphere badly and I've learned about Florence's history and treasures long ago, and as I wished to stay a while here I took this course as a pastime that's all… I mingled with young people and I've met you sir and your exceptional polite and friendly family and I'm enjoying your kind hospitality, I couldn't ask for more.'

'But what are your plans if I may ask?' Senior Conti insisted.

'I haven't made up my mind yet,' Ray admitted hoping senior Conti won't refer to him as a suitable match for his daughter. I'll be seeing our commercial attaché in Rome next week and I'll ask his advice about investments and business opportunities in Italy.'

Bianca's father had no more questions and they were very close to the Conti's abode.

Just Bianca and her mother were present when they reached the third floor apartment, up to lunch time Bianca showed him to his room and helped Ray to arrange his things, and treated him as if he was the closest soul of her life.

After lunch they played cards in the living room, just the four of them. Where Bianca's brothers and sister are was not informed to Ray, and for truth sake he did not mind. They dined outside again just the four of them, at the restaurant of hotel Caravaggio; and Bianca's father explained to Ray during the mill who is the painter that this hotel was named after.

They were back at eleven thirty pm after spending four hours in that restaurant. It was a very pleasant Saturday but they were exhausted, Bianca's parents in particular.

At about two pm Bianca's naked body clung to him in his bed and woke him up. They made love five long hours till Bianca sneaked out stealthily, while Ray slept on up to the late morning hours.

'We'll have a late lunch in Pisa, we'll climb the tower and roam in its market and return home.' Bianca's father declared enthusiastically. No one objected of course and that's how Sunday afternoon and evening passed.

That night Bianca sneaked again after midnight to his room and devoured his senses.

On Monday morning when he was packing his things Bianca came in; she embraced him and clung desperately to his body, she kissed him with extreme fervor that's how it seemed to the astounded Ray.

'This is our phone number and our address,' she said handing him her father's visiting card. 'Swear to me that you'll call me and write to me…'

'I swear amore mio,' he promised her although he had no idea how this out of the blue love affair is going to end.

They drove him to the train terminal, Bianca and her parents, and when he had to board the train Bianca embraced him in public and in her parents' presence shading tears and crying.

Although he had some cynical thoughts concerning his future, she tore his heart.

On the train on his way to Rome Ray tried to understand what it was all about in that exceptional weekend, in that fabulous experience that he was so lucky to share.

Do her parents believe that I'm an American citizen, or more realistically and that my grandparent were born in some Arab country, I guess that it must be it, and they want me to marry her? Is she really the burden they wish to get rid off? She isn't a virgin she must have experienced it before with one of her high school friends, or hell know with whom… That's why some of the students pestered her, as if she is an easy prey…I won't be surprised if her parents wouldn't mind, if I'll take her with me. Ray concluded with a glimmer of hope… Oh come on stop that wishful thinking. He scolded himself angrily, but deep in his heart he knew that he will never forgive himself if he will forsake her.

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© 2020 Haim Kadman

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