At the embassy

At the embassy

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 10 of the thrukker "The Imperative U-turn"


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 10

Just a few moments after he got rid of his utmost load, that riddle of a human being; which center has decided to send to Washington, his mobile started a nagging ring.

Hello Ivan, if you’re on your way back, do stop at my office...’

Yes sir I’m on my way, after having completed my personal mission. I’ll see you sir in a matter of some fifteen minutes time.’

The ambassador swithched off his mobile, and thus released the press attache to ride on towarsds the embassy quite relieved.

So how was it Ivan, how did he react?’ The ambassador asked with a clear note of impatience, as soon as the press attache entered his office.

I’ve met our man that drove him to a certain address, he didn’t tell me where he dropped him of course; and it’s none of our business from now on.’

That’s right Ivan I’d center’s confirmation, just a couple of hours earlier; but how he’s supposed to return home I wonder, you do have his passport in your posession don’t you?’

Yes and here it is sir.’ The press attache’ said pulling out Ilayev’s passport from his jacket inner pocket, and handed it to the ambassador.

It could be 6th street or one of the streets north or south to the white house. Ferragut North or Constitution NW; but I don’t have to wreck my head on it for the time being,, center is dealing with it from now on. The press attache’ thought encouraging himself, while he watched the ambassador’s face. He does know a thing or two, he must be a KGB veteran, I’ll better treat the old man with respect. The press attache’ realized at last that he must keep good relation with the ambassador.

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Added on December 16, 2020
Last Updated on December 16, 2020
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, espionage, excerpt, embassy, emegency, meeting


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