The arrest

The arrest

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 11 of the thriller "The Imperative U-turn".


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 11

As soon as the cab with his compatriot drove away Ilayev. Jake Jacob Benson in fact looked all around him for a few seconds and went over to the tower’s entrance carrying his suitcase and his handbag; he did not meet on his way any of the other dwellers up to his eight floor apartment. He went inside to realize that through his west side french window, he had a clear view of Pensilvenia Avenue and the White House.

What am I going to do now? He wondered perplexed, while he roamed in his so called four room apartment. While he returned to the vast living room the mobile in his jacket inner pocket vibrated for a second or two. Ilayev pulled it out and watched its face, a rather long message appeared on it: “Attention, check your bedroom cupboard, you’ll find your tool stashed inside. you’ll use it this afternoon at four pm, to put away a certain female; she’ll appear on a raised podium before a crowd on the White House lawn, opposite your French window. At four fifteen pm a cab will wait for you at the building’s entrance.”

It must be a long range gun, Ilayev thought as he went over to the bedroom. The time is three twenty five pm, Ilayev realised after having sneaked a look at his wrist watch. He opened up the right cupboard’s door, and except a contrabass box the entire cupboard was empty. He pulled out the contrabass box, put it on the bed and opened it up. A long range gun with a long barrel was inside the case. He pulled it out and checked it carefully, it was laoded with just one bullet.

So I’m expected to kill my prey with one shot, and then what? Ilayev kept thinking rather worried.

A series of loud knocks on his entrance door alarmed him, he put back the gun in the box and closed it; and returned it to where it was hidden in the cupboard, and hastened to the front door. It must be law enforcement agents, police officers or FBI agents… Ilayev kept thinking pertrubed.

Who is it?’ He asked raising his voice.

Open up or we’ll break in!’

He had no other choice but to open the front door, and let in whoever is behind it.

Ilayev opened the door just slightly, hopping to shut it right away; but the middle aged man with the two huskies behind him, pushed the door wide open forcing Ilayev to retreat inside.

The middle aged stranger entered with the two huskies behind him, one of the huskies was holding a gun with a silencer ready to shoot in his right hand.

Fiodor Yefimovitch Ilayev you’re under arrest.’ The middle aged stranger declared, and one of the huskies went over to the bedroom, and after several seconds returned with the contrabass box in his hands. He passed it to Ilayev hands with a sarcastic smile,

Hold it and don’t dare to open the box.’ He added raising a fore finger towards Ilayev’s face.

Let’s go,’ the middle aged stranger ordered them, he led to the door left it open, and went straight to the elvators in front of Ilayev and his two big guardians.

It must be the press attache’ that gave me up... The conceited greenhorn is a moll it seems the detested b*****d. Ilayev kept on thinking desperately, while he was sitting on the van’s rear bench between the two huskies.

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Added on December 17, 2020
Last Updated on December 17, 2020
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