The hardest blow

The hardest blow

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the science fiction thriller"The planet of peace".


The hardest blow

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

After a long than usual session, in which IH86 had to invent on the spot a plan of the planet of peace future defense force; he was dismissed to spend another lonely night in his den. For truth sake except for short night skirmishes of the several planet’s entertainment centers, this was his usual daily routine during the last century before the robots’ take over; while after the nights of bliss in the company of RR427, for almost a full week he found it rather hard to spend his nights all alone in his den.

RR427 appeared in his den the next morning, to broadcast their call to the moon ruling committee up to midday; when they will have to depart while he wiil spend the rest of the day at HER53 office, and where she will pass the rest of her day he had no idea of course.

Since the beginning of this new arrangement she did not tell him where she is bound for, while he did not dare to ask her. She was cheerful as ever every time they met in his den from the early morning hours on, while to him it was an agonizing experience; to pass several hours in her company without touching her, and without knowing with whom she copulates at the end of day.

After two more days of call broadcasting without any kind of response from the moon authorities, IH86 was instructed to stop the calls and dedicate all his efforts to the building of the planet’s defense force.

That was the hardest blow that he had to suffer, he is not going to see RR427 anymore…

I’m sick and tired of that miserable life of mine, of my bad luck, Should I turn the desk on

HER53 or abuse all the ruling committee members; and be sent off to explore the face of the planet without a space suit? He pondered desperately, so sick and tired he was of his worsening life conditions.

These desperate thoughts assaulted him right after he was ordered to stop the calls, and when he realized that he lost RR427 for ever.

But when he woke up the next morning after he slept on it, he felt somewhat better and decided to hang on; and find some way to arouse the cloned humans agaist their masters �" the ruthless robots. It was no more than wishful thinking he concluded in a second thought, while participating beside HER53 at the ruling committee daily meeting; while listening to the latter reporting the defense force plan’s developments to his colleagues.

To IH86 utter surprise HER53 started his report by telling his colleaghus his own suggestion, which in fact HER53 has rejected. HER51 the chairman and the four other committee members listened silently to their colleague’s report up to its end; and only then HER51 asked why IH86 suggestion was rejected.

While reading the members thoughts IH86 realized that HER53 was a trusted member, and the question was supposed to let him explain his motive and gain his colleagues trust, and thus increase his self confidence.

The concept of excavating asbestos and producing asbestos uniforms for the cloned humans isn’t a bad idea, but just to find and dig it on the planet face, might take ages… We haven’t got the time for it, and we can’t spare the manpower to do it at the same time when we’re building our defense force.’

That’s right,’ HER51 agreed with him, and went straight on:

There’re just fifty two of us now after HER48 was dismanteled, of which thirty four of us are males and eighteen are females; but our females are as brave and capable as us males. Our weaknesses are the cloned humans, which will have to be trained meticoulusly; I expect you HER53 to find the right solution to protect them against lazer beams. After all the cloned humans are the main body of our future defense force.’

And how does he expect us to protect them, by some kind of a miracle? And what will happen when some of the fifty two robots including the high efficient ones will reach the end of their service life? They haven’t got the formula key to build new robots, thank Xumoutoucrasus; it’s in the possesion of our expelled legitimate ruling committee. IH86 thought somewhat relieved and encouraged.

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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