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What an utter surprise

What an utter surprise

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 13 of the thriller The Imperative U-turn.


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 13

While he was sitting between the two huskies on the van’s rear seat, Ilayev wonedered if he will ever see his Lushya again; he had no idea where there were driving to, and he knew quite well that he was burned as an agent; and that he might end up in an American prison for the rest of his life.

He was sure with some doubts in fact that if he would have accomplised his mission he will be driven to the air port, and return to his lushya; but it seems that he’s going to pass an interrogation, and spend afterwards the next two decades at least behind bars here in America.

I can’t claim that I’m an American citizen, just because I’ve received an American passport… Whether it’s an authentic document, and above all I don’t think that it would protect me… No chance, Ilayev made up his mind while watching the fleeting sights, through the van’s small windows all along their way.

After some thirty five minuts they have reached their destination, the Washington FBI headquarters. The van stopped in front of the entrance, and Ilayev was led inside and straight into one of the interrogation cells where he was shut there all alone.

Hardly ten minutes passed and a young man entered carrying a platter with sandewiches and beer. He put on the table in front of the stupyfied Ilayev with a sarcastic smile.

You must be hungry so good appetite.’ He said with a short laugh and left leaving the door wide open.

What’s going on here for God’s sake, the astounded Ilayev kept pondering. They’re not going to interrogate me? Why should they? If they know my full real name they surely know many more details about me… He kept thinking pertrubed while the he was eating the meat sandwiches, and drinking the lager beer right through the open bottle.

Just a few seconds after Ilayev put the empty beer bottle on the table, the two huskies entered and one of them ordered him briskly:

Let’s go man.’

They’re going to interrogate me somewhere else, but there must be some other reason; and that’s why they’re treating me with such ease… Ilayev kept thinking as he was led rather gently through the first floor corridor, up to the entrance.

A double engine passenger aircraft, similar to an Antonov An-2 was a stupefying sight not too far off, and that was what Ilayev has seen as he came out to the vast yard before the FBI headquarters; and towards this aircraft they led him the two huskies, and ordered him to board it.

@ Haim Kadman 2020 �" all rights reserved.

© 2021 Haim Kadman

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Added on January 2, 2021
Last Updated on January 2, 2021
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, space, excerpt, agent, interrogation, surprise


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

Petach-Tikva, Israel

Profile: A few words about myself: being a native of a small country whose waist is seventeen kilometers wide in a certain area; and in seven to eight hours drive one can cross its length, I was amaze.. more..

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman