The turnover plan

The turnover plan

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 14 of the thriller "The Imperative U-turn".

The Imperative U-turn
Chapter 14
At the daily meeting of the directorate of operation in Langley the main issue was the Russian agent, Fiodor Yefimovitch Ilayev that was sent to eliminate a prominent democratic party member.
‘The subject matter has been arrested quite easily, and he’s about to be flown to us and land at about eleven am.’ The directorate’s head made a short pause and rehersed in his mind the next few sentences, which he intended to update his men on that sensitive subject.
‘The main personal details and the subject matter’s mission, were informed to us by a certai anonymous source. Thanks to this anonymous source, the subject matter, his mission and the circumstances in which he was seperated from the Russian embassy, were known to us, thanks to that info we managed to stop the assasin right on time. He was supposed to carry out his mission as an American citizen, but how he would return to Moscow after the execution of his mission is unknown to us yet, and to the subject matter himself as well. Neither does he know who is his prey, the moment Kamla would step up to the podium, he’ll was supposed to shoot...’
‘And then what?’ One of his men asked.
‘It depends on the orders that he’ll get on his phone straight from his organization, to our estimation he’ll be ordered to fly to Mexico or some other country say Panama...’
‘So why he’s flown to us after he was caught, instead of bying interoggated in that apartment in Washington?’
‘Well the plan was kept secret up to the arrest of the subject matter, and I was briefed about it ten minutes before our meeting. So our problem was solved by leaving a team of three of our agents with the long range rifle loaded with a one bullet, and with the subject matter mobile; at four pm they’ll receive the order to shoot, one of Kamala body guards will be lightly hit and the entire episode will appear on all the television channels.’
‘What about the subject matter what are we going to do with him?’
‘The idea is to make him work for us, as a double agent.’ Brian Forester the directorate of operation’s head summed up their current dilemma.
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Added on January 4, 2021
Last Updated on January 4, 2021
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