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A Story by Haim Kadman

Chaprter 20 of the thrillerThe Imperative U-turn.


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 20

A Lada X-Ray with a driver waited in front of the huge building entrance, as Ilayev emerged from the wide entrance. The driver rushed out and opened the car’s rear door, and invited Ilayev to enter the rear seat with a slight nod of his head. As soon as the car started to move Ilayev dialed to his Lushya to annouce his return, she was overjoyed to hear his voice, and to realize that he is on his way home.

Ilayev did not have to tell the driver where he lives of course, in a matter of some forty five minutes they reached Ostozhenka street and number seventy two the driver stopped the car. Ilayev thanked him and got out. He watched the car as it drove away a few seconds, and then he overlooked the surrounding area out of habit and entered the building. As he emerged from the elevater he met Lushya standing on their apartment threshold, with a pale face and a beating heart; while their apartment’s front door was wide open behind her back.

With two long strides he crossed the five feet that separted them and hugged her with closed eyes.

Well the first stage was executed perfectly but what are the next stages, or rather the next stage? Do we’ve ready plans for our Jake?’

It’s under way sir, we couldn’t know how the other side will react; but now when they believe that he’s their tool, our experts are preparing his cover story...’

I’d like to hear what’s on their minds, in general terms of course.’ Narishkin cut short his operation officer’s report. Time was short and he had to know what is on his talented men’s mind.

Well sir, as our Bernard that’s of course is his nom de guerre had accomplished his mission with just some success, the general idea is to send him back to the US with that same American passport. As soon as he’ll land there he will be arrested of course, and they will wish to know what do we believe. I mean they would wish to know whether we accepted the theory that they expect us to believe, that it was Bernard who shot Kamala Harris’s body guard...’

Why should we expect that they will fall for it? They aren’t a bunch of fools, they’ll a meticulous watch on our embassy members; thus we must prepare a much better plan of action!’ Narishkin scolded his trusted headquarters’ members raising his voice angrily.

But we intend to send him back with the American passport, which was supplied to him and allowed him to return safely...’

It won’t work even if he’ll fly from some Eurpean airport with an American flight company, they’ll fish him out in a week or even much earlier, and he might sing in a third degree interrogation.’

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© 2021 Haim Kadman

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Added on February 9, 2021
Last Updated on February 9, 2021
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, mission, meeting, discussion, conclusion, report


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

Petach-Tikva, Israel

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A Story by Haim Kadman