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An excerpt of the thriller The Thrilling Asventure.



The Thrilling Adventure

An excerpt

As he crossed his secretary desk in the ante room, she brought to his attention that Yaniv awaits him in his office. The military attaché was not surprised by the lack of intuition, which his secretary displayed that slight deficiency of hers was the main reason why he chose her, and not a shrewder one.

Yaniv stood up as Roghel entered his office, while Roghel went over to his comfortable armchair sat down; and just then he allowed Yaniv to take his seat again, with a slight movement of his right hand.

'Well how were you impressed by the commando training course opening ceremony in Awash Oren?' Roghel turned to Major Yaniv for the first ever time in his first name, he had a certain task for his loyal inferior. He knew how cunning Yaniv is, and how dependant he is on him; and it was high time to exploit Yaniv for his own ends, and not just to frustrate colonel Yosh the delegation's head.

'It was great simply great sir.' Yaniv answered with a broad smile all over his beaming face.

'And the swap between your trouble maker and the newcomer came off quite well.' Roghel remarked with satisfaction, asserting indirectly how wise was his idea to solve Yaniv's acute problem.

'Yes it came off very well sir, but there's just one small flaw in it sir, if I may term it as such.' Yaniv ventured to express his disappointment, despite his efforts to skip any hint of criticism; but seeing Oron's self-assured and contented face yesterday, caused him to disclose the thoughts that bothered him still.

'Oh really and what's that small flaw in your opinion Oren?'

'Well sir he should've been punished instead of being sent to end his term in Awash. When you brought up that excellent solution in Yosh's company last week, I was sure that it was an example of how such a problem should be solved… I was sure that Oron would be swapped with a demolition officer in some remote team near the Sudanese or Kenyan borders; and thus instead of being punished he was endowed with an unexpected prize.'

'I do understand your feelings Oren, for if such a case would've happened back home, the culprit would have been taught a dire lesson. But we can't afford to resort to strict disciplinary measures here in this country, and that's just one aspect of the problem; and we can't pull out a demolition officer in mid course, in some other team. This was the fastest and the most efficient solution that we'd; and by the way Oron ends up his term in less than three months time, so why not forget the whole thing.'

'Alright sir, I guess I won't see him anymore till he will return home; and I'm sorry I'd divulged it against my will, but pouring it out makes me feel better.'

'It's alright Oren; now then I didn't send that newcomer to your team for nothing, what's his name by the way?'

'Daphnie sir, Elad Daphnie his name.'

'Thank you Oren, I don't know why that red beret was sent to us as a demolition officer? I don't believe that he's the knowledge with which to replace an engineering corps officer; but that's just one of our problems named Daphnie, for he has some close ties with senior Ethiopian officers that visited our country a few months before he landed here. He's young and inexperienced and those generals that he met exploited him without his knowledge. The least I could do was to send him to your team in Jijiga far from his exploiters' reach, but each holiday he will be in Addis like any other delegation member during the delegation gatherings. On top of if each time some senior Ethiopian officer would wish to visit your team, we'll have a problem… So I expect you to see that this young man will be absorbed with tasks above his head, by letting him conduct the courses up to the end of first year of service in this country; as I can't send him back home before the end of the year.

'But why can't you find some excuse to get rid of him right now sir, before the next commando training course will open up?' Yaniv wondered surprised, he could not understand why the mighty military attaché can't send back home the a*****e that refused him an order, and the other one that he dislikes.

'Well he's got quite a backing that young punk, and sending him back home before the end of his first year of service might cause quite an uproar back home.' Roghel did not want to admit the real reason behind his hesitations, which was the fact that Daphnie was an appraised officer with a bright future.

'So try to incite him against me, and at the end of first year I'll make him pay for it. But do it with much caution of course.'

'Very well sir I'll do it to suit strictly your wishes sir. But I'd like with your permission to bring one more personal request?'

'Okay Oren shoot it.'

'It's my second year as a team's head, while I'm a veteran and well experienced officer; I was a company commander, an instructor in company commanders' course. Thus I believe that I could serve as an instructor at the command and staff course at the military base in Holeta; for if I'll be assigned to this job, I'll be able to bring my wife to stay with me again here, I miss her terribly sir.'

'I'll have to check out if it's possible at all, and it will take time Oren; but let's call it a day, and do come tonight to have dinner with me and Bilha.'

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Added on February 22, 2021
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