The additional mission

The additional mission

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 21 of the thriller "The Imperative U-turn."


Chapter 21

After almost six weeks of happiness beside his beloved Lushya Ilayev was summoned to the SVR headquarters at the Yasenovo district.

They aren’t going to send you to some other mission my darling, they promised you that this was the last one, and that they’ll let you retire for good, didn’t they?’

I do hope that they summoned me for this purpose my beloved Lushya.’ Ilayev lied to her with a heavy heart, for he knew that a much harder job awaits him. Lushya went down with her lover, to the house entrance; and out towards the waiting car, which was sent to pick her lover up. It was the first ever time that she escorted him all the way down, up to the waiting vehicle that came to pick him up. He was terribly embarrased but he hugged her and kissed her lips for quite a while, in front of the driver that stood ready to open the car’s rear door for him. Despite the embarrasing scene in front of the unknown driver, he knew that it might be the last ever time that he will hold his beloved Lushya in his arms.

I’ll be back soon darling Lushya,’ he lied to her once again, as he detached himself slowly from her arms, and went over to board the limousine’s rear seat.

The ride to the GRU headquarters was a rather unpleasant experience to Ilayev, he did not dare to look back at Lushya his love. as the vehicle statrted to move; he sat upright with shut eyes, and waited impatiently to the next stop at the SVR headquarters huge building.

At last the car stopped before the wide entrance, the driver left his seat and opened the rear door for him. Ilayev got out and entered the entrance without thanking to the driver, his mate in fact.

Sit down Valery,’ Narhiskin ordered him as he entered the GRU head’s office. ‘That’s your brand new identity Val.’ Narishkin added with a smile, and waited until Ilayev joined the broad desk and sat facing him and the two other senior GRU members on each of Narishkin’s side.

I’m suppoesed to retire sir, that’s what I thought that expects me...’ Ilayev muttered feigning surprise.

There’re still a few things that you can do for your mother land Val.’ Narishkin hastened to cut him short. ‘You did a very good job over there, but that was just the first stage… You do understand don’t you? With your experience you must have realized the possibilities that your contribution has aroused, and we must exploit the chance, which your last job has given us. So who else can donate our mother land with his tanlents and experience but you?’

I see, so what am I supposed to do then sir?’ Ilayev asked while clearing his throat due to his utter embarrassment.

You’ll be briefed by your operator right after our meeting, in general terms you’re supposed to fly back to that part of the world under a different identification of course; in order to fulfill your previous job, which was not excuted satiafactorily at all in fact.’

I’ll do my best sir,’ Ilayev mumbled with much concern and a lowered head.

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Added on March 5, 2021
Last Updated on March 5, 2021
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, meeting, espionage, mission, briefing


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A Story by Haim Kadman

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