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A Story by Haim Kadman

Cahpter 28 of the thrillerThe Imperative U-turn.


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 28

The Russian embassy’s first secretary flew back to Moscow, the reason was his father’s hospitalization; while in fact he was summoned back by the GRU headquarters, for an interrogation concerning the loss of the organization’s special agent. Instead of summoning the ambassador or the press attache’, which would have revealed their direct ties with the organization; Maxim Bazarov the embassy’s first secretary was called back, and the pretext was his ailing father.

As soon as Bazarov descended the plane stairway, a middle age stranger smiled at him and led him to a side door, they descended several steps to a waiting limousine and rode to the SVR headquarters.

Except a few word like “how was your flight” and Bazarov short answer, the thirty five minutes ride passed in silence.

At the end of the ride and having reached the SVR organization huge building, they got off and his escort led him to the elvators and to a certain hall at the eight floor; where Bazarov was supposed to meet the organzation’s head.

Sit down,’ his escort told him, or was he his temporary operator. Bazarov had no idea, and that temporary operator left him all alone in that small office and shut the door behind his back.

But what Bazarov did know or rahter realize, was the clear assumption that he’ll have to pass an interrogation, he did hope that it won’t be a third degree interrogation. He hoped that they’ll take into account his short service at the Washington embassy, and the clear fact that it was the one whom he replaced who is responsible for the fiasco.

After some forty five minutes of worry that turned into fear Bazarov fell asleep, and was the right time to start his interrogation. The opened up and two middle aged men came in, one of them sat on a chair opposite the sleeping Bazarov; while his mate approached the sleeping Bazarov and slapped his face.

Bazarov woke up with a sudden start and almost fell from the chair he was sitting on; but he remembered right away where he is, and what expects him. Being an experienced pro he did not a single word, just turned his surprised gaze from the one that slapped him to the one that sitting opposite him.

Well Bazarov you slept well I guess, it indicates maybe that you’ve a clear conscious… Nevertheless we expect you to answer a few questions.’

I can’t understand why I was brought here to be interrogated, I’ve replaced the agent that is responsible for that unfortunate fiasco...’

Relax Bazarov we didn’t mean to interrogate you, we wish to know what are your assumptions on the whole matter.’

I’ve had a few words with the ambassador about this tragic matter, and he told that Plotkin briefed our man inside the restaurant instead of briefing him in his car while driving...’

I see,’ the one that carried out the short questioning said, and turned to his mate, who was still standing beside Bazarov; the other one made a slight nod with head and thus confirmed his mate’s next step.

All right Bazarov you’ve twenty four hours to stay with your family, and tomorrow morning you’ll fly back to Washington.’

@ Haim Kadman 2020 �" all rights reserved.

© 2021 Haim Kadman

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Added on April 17, 2021
Last Updated on April 17, 2021
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, meeting, espionage, mission, briefing


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman