A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 29 of the thriller The Imperative U-turn.


The Imperative U-turn

Chapter 29

We must find out what happened there with our experienced agent, has he defected, or was he arrested by the Americans?’ Sergei Narishkin opened up the emergency meeting regarding the loss their most experienced agent.

Whether they read our men lips or bugged their enviroment has no importance, but there’s no doubt that they’ve tailed them up to the restaurnt, and there they’ve evasedropped to the briefing and some forty five minutes later our man was arrested in his hotel room.’ Narishkin made a short pause to emphasize the mistakes of the organization’s member in Wshington who was replaced, which led to the exposure of their special agent and his arrest.

May I say a few words Seryozha?’ His operation officer took advantage of the short pause to ask his permission to express his thoughts.

Sure Ivan go ahead.’

It’s a lost case Seryozha, he’s surely under interrogation; and when they’ll squeese every piece of info out of him, they’ll arrest him for the rest of his life...’

No Ivan he isn’t lost, and we shouldn’t underestimate them. Just to think how they tried to outsmart us it was quite a feat, but Semion or whatever his real name is was sure that we’ll let him quit and return to his lover… They’re going to use him we can’t knew yet how, but even if he’s a grudge against us we’ll be able to persuade him to work for us as a double agent.’

But how can we get in touch with

him?’ Boris Oliev, Narishkin second in command brought up the first problem, which they had to solve; he did not challenge his commander, but brought up that certain poblem as a discussion subject.

What do we know about his family members, or his relatives or even his friends if he’s any?’ Narishkin asked his staff members.

He’s a native of Vladivostok and moved to Moscow when he joined our organzation, and that took place about thirty two years ago. During the last three years he lives with his lover Ludmila Vetonova a widow...’

All right that’s enough,’ Narishkin cut his operation in mid sentence. ‘All we’ve to do is to spread all over our papers and the social networks in our language, the information that a certain Ludmila Veronova was detained by the internal security agency.’

It might work Seryozha and let’s say that he’ll be able to read, or he’ll be used as an infromation collector through reading our

media, he might shed a few tears but what if he’ll prefare to stay over there.’

Well that will be our first stage, and if it won’t work we’ll try some other methodes.’ Narishkin declared decisively, and summed up the meeting.

At the time that the emergency meeting of the GRU staff started in Moscow, Ilayev was sitting all alone after a lunch with the Farm’s staff, and watched a movie on his television set. He knew quite well that he is being watched day and night through hidden cameras, where such cameras where stashed he had no idea but it did not bother him. Thus while supposedly watching telezision he could think things over, and try to reach a coclusion what can he do in these circumstanes of an open prison. He was still cofused and surprised by his captors’ proposal to fly back home, if that is what he wants.

I miss terribly my Lushya he kept thinking while watching the television’s screen, without paying interest to what appears on it. But I can’t return to her for I’ll be arrested right after landing, and I won’t be excuted as a traitor I’ll end up behind bars for the rest of my life. How do they intend to use I wonder, I hope they won’t send me back home under a different identity. Ilayev started to adjust himself to his new reality.

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Added on April 29, 2021
Last Updated on April 29, 2021
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, meeting, espionage, mission, briefing


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Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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