Andrei ; the prearranged meeting

Andrei ; the prearranged meeting

A Story by Haim Kadman

A clandestine first meeting of introduction between Nicole Lorain (Lee Chen Woe) and her nominated body guard, before traviling togather to Montreal to set her up spy ring.


At the other end of the apartment, in his room Andrei Rosier, Nicole's house agent sat slumped and rather gloomy in an armchair, smoking a cigarette; after having contacted Center through his tiny radio-transmitter, as he had just a few moments earlier to report the astounding fresh developments.

Hardly nine months had elapsed, since he met Nicole in Paris. A meeting he would not forget, never! Although he was prepared for it, was warned, would be a better definition; he was totally overwhelmed by her exotic beauty.

Thus he did not have to play the role of an infatuated middle aged man, with the enchanting young woman. But did it naturally in the most effective way, as he was making a pass at her; down at the Metro station of the Opera, at the corner where he was told to expect her.

He followed her outside as planned, while she tried “her best” to ignore him, as they were both instructed to behave.

Then in “a second thought” she agreed to have lunch with him, right on the spot. It was noon time in any case, and she was supposed to be a lone heiress “in distress”, at the Capital of lights craving for a friendly soul.

In the short conversation they had, she learned how experienced and capable he was and offered to hire him as her valet, chef, secretary and body guard " all in one position, which obliged him to accompany her twenty four hours a day. 

As he himself was “a lone and troubled soul”, without a family or any sort of other human connections; he consented to all her demands, with the hope of winning first of all her faith in him and with the passing time " her heart too; although it was all prearranged and both of them learned every little detail on each other before that planned meeting.

Nevertheless, he was elated and excited, just like an inexperienced young man. He was on the brink of losing his head completely, from the second he saw and understood who she was, having read the sign she made.

During lunch that they had together, in which he did stammer like a schoolboy in her astounding presence " up to the moment they parted.

On his way back to his hotel to check out, he was still dizzy with excitement. He had his share in life, he courted and loved beautiful women quite a bunch of them, but such an exquisite beauty, with such a charismatic personality, such wit; as he realized her to have during their conversation he never met with before.                      

Incredible! Simply incredible! He admitted to himself, riding the Metro on his way to his hotel. When he realized that he was simply infatuated, he became rather confused and terribly frustrated. It was a fact he could not ignore, a fact that has overpowered him; and above all, contradicted his instructions.

He had to grind his teeth, fight ceaselessly the terrible urge to pour his heart before her, to confess to her his true feelings " from the moment they parted up to their next meeting.

What a trial, what an ordeal it was, at his age with his experience; and it was not over yet. How was he going to cope with it from now on, he did not know, but he knew that he shall never give up the hope of winning her heart.                                            

He left the cheap hotel in Montmartre where he stayed six long months in advance before Nicole's arrival, in order to learn that magnificent Capital of his native country by heart.

Lyon was his native town and there he spent his childhood and adolescent years, up to the Spanish Civil War.

At the age of eighteen he joined the Republicans, was wounded twice and survived the war and the treacherous purges after it " quite miraculously.

That’s how it all began. He owed his life to the Russian commissar and to the N.K.V.D, while his comrades perished at the front lines, or were executed as traitors.

The very few among his compatriots including himself, returned to France. Although he was already disillusioned at a rather young age, he had to serve them! He had no other alternative; he simply was not given another choice.

Due to his impressive physical built, and because of his poor education, he was used mostly as an assassin. He was on the verge of resigning, which usually meant being disposed of… But as his course of life coincided with Nicole’s graduation and her stay in Paris; he survived a second time, to keep on the career he was fed up with " up to the moment Nicole entered his life.   

 Haim Kadman 1991 " all rights reserved.

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on March 2, 2012
Last Updated on March 23, 2017
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Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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