The Forgotten Shall Bond

The Forgotten Shall Bond

A Story by H

"Surely they would rip this outsider apart just like he wanted." "The Loved our evil, the forgotten shall bond" Practice writing Please excuse me if this makes no sense i haven't had any coffee


The pads of the worn feet scrapped against the wearing wood from the bustle of children clawing their way down to the original floor of the orphanage. Rumor had been spread from the mouths of many to the ears of the eagar that a new victim was a awaiting their horrid trial.  Sinester grins were boasted on the twisted faces that huddled into a group around the playrooms infamous corner.  On a makeshift pedestal fashioned from a few building blocks the infants had found scavenging about in the hallways stood a young boy who bled authority.  He couldn't be more than seven yet as the ones below bowed and cheered for the one who was preached atop of them maturity shown through the green irises he pocessed.  With minamal strength a lanky hand was raised to hush the booming crowd below,

"My children of God, I too have heard the news of a outsider landing themselves in our realm of perfection.  I have been pacing my options well into the night of late to secure our purity, but my dears what if this newcomer is just like us? Forgotten.  May she or he have not yet felt the tainted ways of love and caring and have only been sheltered in the deepest of depression such like us.  If so we must welcome them because they too our our brothers or sisters! Though if this outsider happens to be one of those cases that shatter our hearts and look to higher God to escape we must elaborate our plan.  No sinner who has chanced the very moment of time with the ones we called Mother and Father will be welcome into our haven.  If this one child is such we must do everything in our power to rid this virus.  The loved our evil! While the forgotten must bond together and fight off the unwanted sadness. Do you hear me out children of God?!" 

Faces brighten with glistening tears from the thicken speech that made the elders envious. 

They chanted, "The loved our evil! The forgotten shall bond! The loved our evil! The forgotten shall bond!"  The boy sickenly pressed his frail lips into a smile to express his pleasure in the leadership he had.  Surely they would rip this outsider apart just like he wanted.

© 2012 H

Author's Note

Super short! But i was on a plane and i didn't want to bother the people next to me! So have some of my terrible quick writing! (: Its for something im working on a school buh so terrible. :)

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Added on March 22, 2012
Last Updated on March 22, 2012
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London, United Kingdom

Name: H Age: 15 I really do hate how i write but i just do it to pass time now and then. When i get reviews i get really nervous and do not check them until someone else convinces me too and prac.. more..

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