Nor Did I

Nor Did I

A Story by H

"Well at least i am able to outrun them without complaining every second. In case you didn't notice Joy i didn't cause the apocalypse!"


-Oh my god ive never written something like this so its gonna be bad just a warning and i haven't written in a long time so ugh rusty, you've been warned.

"Gah! Gross," lanky fingers brushed across the simmering leather dress coated in a fresh slate of already drying ruby blood.  Faint signs of the thick bodily fluid became hinted on the tips of the thin finger tips contrasting with the pale skin.  Long black straps clung around the slim form of the woman supporting a long samarui like sword which drifted behind as she swayed her hips. 

The woman's eyes flashed for a moment as the clacking of her heels came to a halt, her platonic frown tugging into her trademark smirk.  "Joy get your a*s down here!" her voice echoed up the thin stairwell as faint rustling could be heard from the dark corridor above her.  The woman narrowed her eyes in annoyance as a young man skid down the stairs panting in her face.

"Really Gloom could you be more pleasant?  You know it was your fault that we were attacked by that hoard,"  Joy's face was dark red as he shook his head casting his eyes on his companions neutral face.

"Well at least i am able to outrun them without complaining every second.  In case you didn't notice Joy i didn't cause the apocalypse!"  Gloom's voice roughened as she spoke causing Joy to widen his eyes as she turned her back towards him stalking off, a wave of negativity hanging over her.   

"Nor did I."

-short story is short

© 2012 H

Author's Note

oh my god half asleep writing is a no no

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Added on April 5, 2012
Last Updated on April 5, 2012
Tags: original, arguing, apocalypse, nor, did, i, story, blood, leather, sword, hoard, run, joy, gloom



London, United Kingdom

Name: H Age: 15 I really do hate how i write but i just do it to pass time now and then. When i get reviews i get really nervous and do not check them until someone else convinces me too and prac.. more..

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