A Poem by Clara

my words build empty castles my soul dances through their halls


My words build

Empty castles

Where the ghost

Of my soul flits through

To show me what I could have been

If I endured to live

Past poetry


My words rise

Mountains and rivers

Yet when I speak

My voice does not come

It stops

In the tracks of the place

Just beneath my throat

And sleeps


My words create

Molehills out of mountains

And mountains out of dust

But cannot create

A self for me

To rebuild the change

That brought a loss

I can’t yet comprehend


I want

So desperately

To be who I am

In truth

My voice can dance with the fire

It held when we fought

(I don’t think you remember that)

(I remember)

My voice can hold the passion

And the idealism

Of a world built by love

When I was with you

I knew who I was


And saw

All we could be

I lived

In the moment

Instead of existed

In the past

Like I’m doing now

I suppose

It was so long ago


I know who I am I think

At the core of the being I hold

But in light of new things I’ve learned

About me I hold true


I don’t know if I deserve the dreams I have

Close to me anymore

I don’t know if the words I speak


Are just

Empty words

Words of ghosts

In the castle

Of my soul

Where the fragments of

Past idealism



© 2013 Clara

Author's Note

i like the beginning but need to work on the end still

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Added on May 29, 2013
Last Updated on May 29, 2013
Tags: castles, words, ghost, voice, mountains, silence, stillness, truth, fighting, passion, discovery, self



Calgary , Canada

17, Canadian, I hope one day to find my way, Return to myself, And discover the truth and resonance of the world The experience of being alive And being in love With creation, All the be.. more..

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