Tea Cups and Triumph

Tea Cups and Triumph

A Poem by Lexi Nicole

The steam from the tea drifts up and paints the window.


The rain pelts the window
Where I sit with a cup of tea between my hands
The steam from the tea drifts up and paints the window

I think I see his face there, but I may have been mistaken
It’s just that a rain drop seemed to trace his jaw

I think I see him mainly when he’s not around
Yet when he’s here I always seem to miss him

My palms are warmed by the steaming tea
And when I sip it, it warms me to the core
And I breath out and my breath is hot and it puffs against the window
And I swear that when it fades his lips twitch into a smile

I think I see the ghost of his eyes when the lightning starts to flash
And when the thunder rumbles low I think I hear his laugh

There was a letter in the mail today that said he won’t be home
Since then, I’ve sat here with my tea waiting for him

I don’t remember when the rain started or how long here I’ve sat
All I know is that the tea’s still warm and his car hasn’t come down the road

The clock ticks on and on and on
And maybe I should think it odd
That the tea continues to warm my hands and burn my tongue

I’ve whispered his name so many times that it tastes odd on my tongue
So I wash it away with tea that’s still as hot as when I’d begun

Minutes turn to hours and hours to days
And I don’t get up, and it continues to rain
And I trace his portrait in the window and wait

And when I see his silhouette he walks right the rain
And I set down my tea and I leap through that window
Because he’s finally home again

I had the pleasure to walk on a rainbow high above the clouds
His hand was in mine and no ghosts hid in his smile

And miles away the rain carried on
And my tea kept on steaming
And I was long gone

© 2013 Lexi Nicole

Author's Note

Lexi Nicole
It's a love story. Sort of.

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A good love story, very visual, and engaging all the same time.

Posted 10 Years Ago

oh my goodness, i am in awe of this write,
this is flawless, so very nicely written and descriptive.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Lexi Nicole

10 Years Ago

Thank you very much!
A descriptive poem that shows how you can be physically separated from someone you love but unite with them with our thoughts and memories.Nicely crafted poem with a good flow.Thanks for sharing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Lexi Nicole

10 Years Ago

Thank you! I like your interpretation of it. :)
Oh wow. I have to admit I love the fluidity and the dream like quality in this poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Lexi Nicole

10 Years Ago

Thank you so much! :)

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Added on January 8, 2013
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Lexi Nicole
Lexi Nicole


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