A Poem by Litheos Ennius Taruc

I wrote this poem with a deep desire to help out a friend. He wasn't the kind who'd open up, simply because of what life has brought to him. Nonetheless, his being withdrawn didn't stop me.

Today I yearn to talk to somebody. 
Not in a romantic sense. Oh no. 
I want to talk to that person and discuss things that make him/her human:
Hopes and Dreams.
I want to learn from him or her.
I want to step inside his or her shoes, and, even if it is for a fleeting moment,
Become that person.
I want to see thru their eyes.
Sense thru their hands.
Perceive and understand the world thru their Soul
Even if it is just for a few moments.
Most people would desire to become another person,
Not in his or her entirety, but only the parts that they would like to have:
A beautiful face.
A supreme intellect.
An eye-catching physique.
But they do not want the other, more deeper parts:
The scars of yesterday.
The mundanity of the present.
The uncertainty of the future.
I cannot blame them.
For I myself also yearn these things sometimes.
But slowly, in my own pace,
I am teaching myself
That to Desire is Human,
and it doesn't really matter what you Desire,
Because one thing remains certain:
Our Souls are always changing,
and to Desire means that Your Soul is growing.
-LEFTaruc. 08/06/2015.

© 2016 Litheos Ennius Taruc

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Added on June 18, 2016
Last Updated on June 18, 2016
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Litheos Ennius Taruc
Litheos Ennius Taruc

Quezon City, NCR, Philippines

I'm just another curly kid with glasses. I have a multipotentialite mentality where multiple things as diverse as the arts and sciences gain my interest. Nonetheless, I love to write down poetry, and .. more..