Time to Panic

Time to Panic

A Story by LittleMissBluebird

Just a short preview of the next book that is coming up soon:) Enjoy!

Everyone has a story to tell. It could be something a person created with their imagination. One's past memory or even a recent event that made you laugh. Stories can make you cry; they can make you clap with joy and excitement; they can make the hairs on you back stand straight up. We always have something to share, whether we would like to share it or not. I myself have one to share. It's one that my hometown would never want to forget. But, that's only because they weren't there when the real story happened. I was there. When people come up to me and ask me to tell the truth of what happened those weeks, I tell them I don't remember. That response is the only barrier that is protecting me from breaking down inside. For, the sooner I get the idea that it never happened, the sooner I can forget. I may try to forget the incident, but I will never forget the ones who were left behind.


The minute her eyes opened, it was already too late. She squinted as the bright sky flashed before her eyes. She had no idea where she was, only that she was short of breath. Her hair was sprawled out across the ground. Dirt, smoke as well as freshly fallen snow had taken refuge in her black brown hair. Her mouth hung open in hoping to grasped onto the cold crisp air. Instead her lungs filled with ash and soot. Her attempt to cough only came out as a wheeze of pain. As the girl's eyes adjusted, she managed to tilt her head upward. The only thing her eyes caught was her abdomen covered with blood. From then on the panic began to creep slowly upwards. She laid her head back down on black ashes and cursed. Her breath rose rapidly. The girl never thought that things could turn so quickly around. Her whole life had been a routine. The drastic and sudden turn in events was making her feel unsure of everything that came and went in her life. She never had time to think it over, for a sound crept through her ears and made her jump. Her head whipped to the side. An electrical wire was hung from the remains nearly 5 feet away from her. It's sparks shined brightly as they floated to the ground. About a foot away, a puddle of clear with a glint of yellow liquid traveled slowly downhill to the glowing sparks. Fuel her instincts screamed. "No." she said still staring in horror of realization. "No. This can't be happening." She immediately went to work wiggling her way as fast as she could away from the traveling fuel and the spark. The girl's efforts were no match, for the fuel had nearly reached the spark. Desperate, she attempted to  sit up. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground again. She tried again, but could not reach higher than her diaphragm without falling back in pain. Time was running out as the fuel trickled inches away from the spark. "No!" she cried. "No, I don't want to die!" She tried more wiggling and sitting up. She even tried standing. Minutes passed and with every try, there was failure. The fuel had finally reached the spark. "No!" she screamed as tears rolled down her face. "Please,no I want to live! Please! Plea-"
My body jumped as a boom erupted and my eyes saw what seemed to be a cloud of fire spitting out from the trees. My eyes widened as I looked down at the gash across my leg. It was only then that I realized that I had to be careful of my actions. Or else I wouldn't be able to escape the trees.

© 2013 LittleMissBluebird

Author's Note

Comments, reviews, ideas, corrections of grammer, etc. are appreciated:)

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OH MY GOSH MORE PLEASE!!!!!!! XD A dash of awesome, cup of feeling, pinch of suspense, and cold-hard WRITER BRILLIANCE!!!! And yes, I would like fries with that. Continue on, my fantastic writing friend! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

Welcome, Bluebird! *wink wink wink* ;) ;) ;)

9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago


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