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I had been wandering seeking love when it's already in front of me.

I was 5 years old or so when i started longing for love. Too young eh? Maybe? I guess it's my lack of contentment in life. This goes also to the tv shows i've watched. Oh those Disney characters who made me believe  true love exist in the way they portrayed it. Now I am doomed. Big time!

Oh! Hey there. It's me Lala. I also wonder what happened? I am so sure my parents love me enough with out a doubt. I just came to realize how i am easily tricked by the enemy in that area of my life.

Love is a big word to be commonly use now a days. Do you agree? Well God is Love the purest of Love. So don't use it just like a common word because it carries the highest value.

"For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten son,that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" familiar? Yes? Yeah of course it's from the Gospel of John. I can't really imagine how great is Thy love for us mankind. Yet I know in my own experience that He is working in my life. Sending me people to remind me to repent, seek Him, to be rebuke.

As Im telling you, yes you...about my conquest of love. I was blinded by what i have seen on the television not knowing that the enemy is starting to whisper lies to me. Lies that i believe. Lies that I hold on to for too long not realizing im falling into the trap.
I have search for that love in the wrong places and persons.
I become envious of the things i don't have. When in fact I should have not. Because what I have is what I need and it is more than enough. I tried stilling from my mom's wallet not knowing it's our budget for the week or it's the contributions she is only handling.

I experience and witness how hard the life of discontentment brings to us. It doesn’t only affect you but you are ruining the life of others too. To the point that i ask my self I am loving my mom? When I only make her sad and cry. What am i turning into?

I didn’t expect that a single discontentment will be a doorway to an enormous files of discontentment and dissatisfaction in my life. Glory to God for waking me up. And helping me to stand slowly guiding me towards the things that matters most.

When we go the church and listen to the Word of God I usually doesn’t listen, that prideful self of mine is making me believe. I know that already. Now it dawned on me... "Do I really know the Word of God?" He send many people to rebuke me until I have surrendered. And that's how I see how His love works in my life. He never gave up. Pulling me from the mud of sins im swimming into.

In between those moments of rebellion I am also asking Him, Our Creator, The Aplha and the Omega to help me. For me to surrender to Him. For me to know Him better. To renew my hardened heart. That I may be able to have repentance.

There is a point of in my life that I am tired of sinning but I don't know where to run or what way the exit is. I feel like I am drowning. And God is always on time to save me.

A servant coming from Him extended "her rod" in order to reach me. And for me to hold on to as she slowly pulled me out of that mud.

It's been a long process but I Praise God for not giving up on me. I am also lead to a circle of friends that is curious about His Words. Until now Im still building my personal relationship with Lord YHVH.

ONLY to OUR GREAT I'AM we will find pure and true love.

Don't let your self be drown like i did before being pulled up. Reach His Hand Now!.

The time is Now. Bring your worries and fear to the Lord. Repent. And rekindle your relationship with the Holy One of Israel.


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dearest Poet.. your Daily Dose has been written on the Scrolls of Time. Your Story is shared by many. The Evil can be confusing. I often listen to Elvis Presley sing Gospel on CD.. especially a Song “Holding His Hand” and others. The Holy Spirit is always near to soothe our Soul. We only need to Believe. tenderly, Pat

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Added on March 6, 2022
Last Updated on March 6, 2022
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silence is my medicine noise is my euphoria more..

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