The New Life Of a Soldier

The New Life Of a Soldier

A Story by HuntertheWolf

This is an Explantion of The Hidden Love Of A Murder also my skype is |DsW|hunterthewolf and and my youtube is hunterthewolf


The New Life Of A Soldier


I never thought that being a soldier would mean being a parent. but it happened,
they said i had the skills when i was young.
they said i couldint make it.
they said i would soon or later die.

But they were wrong.
I lived. I had the skills of a pro and i made it.
but the one thing they never said was that i would have a kid a young but smart girl.
My wife named her Neki. I loved her she was like me in her spirit.
but like her mother kind and sweet she never told me to go eat a shoe
and never talked back after i told her not to train but she was like me.
I cought her training and she was bleeding out of her foot after trying to slide down a dirt pile.
I told her fine. I would train her but so long as she stopped trying to be like me
that didint help me she tried more to be like me so i trained her i told her no matter what
I didint want her to join the army.
but she did, she disappointed my wife, my wife told me that i had to go back and i told her that
she was trained but she didint want her hurt so i agreed to it. I went to phone my friend rekia he was
the head of the squad she was in and he said sure. That night i went to the teleporters and went to the Shies


as i came out of the teleporters my friend rekia made my kid come with him and she yelled no no no and i told rekia to let her go i also said "little lady you want to join the war then your mother has sent me to protect you ill make sure you fight right in the frontlines you want to be stubrine then this is what happens you follow me and you listen ok" she then said "sure but father im a higher rank then you" and then i looked over to rekia and he passed me my old ranking gear back i then turned to my kid and said "kid im a general and the enemy wants me dead more then you so you will listen and follow orders so now fall in line heres the rest of the squad" as the squad lined up in front of me i motioned for my kid to get back in line she did i then gave a speech "hello squad in the next 10 hours you will be training with me hardcore style no more weak s**t and if anyone has problems make sure you blame my kid shes the one that made me come here"  she then got really scared of her new friends.


after training neki came to me and said that the other kids raped her i didint expect this i then got my gun and bow and arrow and walked over to the barracks as rekia seen me run by him he yelled hey ward where you going with your weapons i then yelled to kill the kid that raped my girl i then grabbed the door handle and rammed it open and dropped my gun and pulled up my bow and yelled "WHO THE F**K RAPED MY GIRL" they all jumpped rekia tryed to come in and i slamed the door shut and looked at all of them and then i said "you dont speak up and you wont live none of you will and i mean it" i then grabbed a granade out and pulled the pin come and speak up before you all die and then everyone pointed him out i then put the pin back in and dropped all my gear and grabbed my bow and pulled back the arrow and shoot the guy in the leg and started yelling "YOU F****R YOU LIKE TO RAPE WOMEN ILL SHOW YOU WHAT RAPE FEELS LIKE WITH MY ARROWS" i then shoot another into the guys other leg then grabbed him and tossed him into the wall he yelled "OUCH!!!!!!!!!!" i then grabbed him and picked him up and started choking him i then opened up the door everyone then went for me but rekia said no stay i then pushed the guy down and said "your lucky i dont kill you now what" i then punched him then said "do" i punch him again "you have" i punch him again "to say to her" he then got up after i got off of him and yelled "SORRY!!!!!!!!!" i then said squad help your teammate up and next person to touch my girl will die you understand rekia then called me over to him and ask "hey what happened" i looked at him and said "that little b***h raped my girl" he then said "hmmm what do you think should we get rid of him" i then looked at him and said maybe i dont know let me talk to my girl but we really dont need this have him locked up untill i do a meeting with all the girls in this center" i then walked away and went to my room and went to sleep.


At the start of the meeting i was waiting and then i tought maybe i should bring him up i then went over to rekia and asked "hey rekia you think we should bring that little b***h up her" he then said "no" i waited and everyone came to the meeting my girl came and gave me a hug and said "thanks father" i looked down a jested for her to sit down i then started talking "so everyone you all know what happened one of our own people raped a girl i wanted to pull this meeting and ask what do you girls think should happen to this young man" they all yelled "LETS KILL HIM!!!" i then shaked my head and said "that is not an option we can disband him or let him stay" my girl said "dad do you mind if i talk to him" i looked at her like why she then says "dad i just want to know why he did it" i then jester for a guard to bring her down and then i turn and say "hey guard and girl you both keep your guards high and no opening the jail if i her you both let him out ill murder both of you"


"Logging in wellcome neki"

huh i wonder why my dad did that maybe its his dad duty like he keeps telling my hey guard wait "hey guard you mind if i go in alone she then says "hell no im not letting you get me in trouble im not going to die" "well fine"as we both enter the jail i walk over to the guy who raped me and asked "hey fool why would you do that" he then looked at me and said well ummm i was horny im really sorry just when you join the army you sorta dont have to many willing women you know the whole thing that guards and higher ranks are watching us" "well you know my dads a high rank you could have asked and he well ummm"

"Logging in Wellcome ward"

i start to head into the cells and hear my girl talking about sex and why she was raped and then i walk in and her that hes lonely i then walk over and say "ill be talking to rekia about this" then the kid gets scared i then look at him and open the cell and grab him and say "so can you keep your dick in your pants untill i get this sorted the whole thing that you guys and girls think that will effect anything is not good and ill sort this out but remember you never rape a girl never!!! but i do forgive you seeing my girl seems less scared of you and well i think she forgives you but for what you did you will need to stay a whole night with me and train" i then look over to my girl and then let him down and walk away and then say "remember your my b***h for along time now" i walk upstairs and rekia pulls me to the side and says "hey dude we have a report that a city is under attack we need to get them combat ready we all need to go command said everyone needs to go by order of the agent hunter" i then say "what hunter my old friend" rekia then says "yes" i then back up and say "well if hes calling us in this means we all need to push in let drop in by dropper pods and once the high ranks cap the outer areas then the recruits will land in drop ships" rekia then shakes his head and goes to walk away and then turns around and says "ummm ward i dont know how to explain this but thanks"she then pulls off some of her stuff and i see shes a girl i then say "i knew it" i really didint but so be it.


"The Battle"

ok everyone we the officers will go down in dropper pods and take over the fort near there once you guys land we will come and push to you landing zones for you guys are far away so we will push as a squad two squad officers one squad following rekia the other me any questions" a recruit puts her hand up "yes" she then says "sir how about us you all have been given a animal right your assigned animal is who you are with im wolf seeing my squad is going right into the battle" neki says "but father im wolf" i then reply "thats right you backing me up no chickening out you wanted war well if hunters calling us thats whats happening and it most likely will be scary" i then walk over to my drop pod and get locked in and yell "all hail DsW"

Battle Logging in "comms online wellcome to your new battle suit ward we got all contact marked on you hud remember this is not always right" "ok CP whats the order of contact" CP:we have 500 enemys in drop location high threat" as the pod lands the door flys off right away and i grab my bow and start opening fire my squad mates jump out and we cape the area good jump guys i then grab my stuff and bring up my tacgrid "ok everyone get ready for the battle of our life" we then sneak up on the fort and get down in the bush's i then go and shoot a tactnt and light it up and yell" fire in the hole" it then goes off and we all run over to the fort and i pull my bow back and shoot the guy to my 1 o'clock then i pull my pistol and shoot the guy to my 5 o'clock then i grab a grenade and throw it into the door to my 3 o'clock as everyone then yells "clear" "clear" "clear" "clear" i yell "clear"

"logging in Wellcome neki"

"ok guys we are landing we need to get ready"

as i yell that our pilot yells "high threat we are pulling off" i then grab the pilot and tell him no my dad needs us now we land or we dont go in" the pilot yells back and says "well its your death" i then grab my gun and grab my nanos and inject them into me as the plane lands i jump out and light the enemy up first i shoot a guy to my left then i shoot a guy to my 2 o'clock then i shoot a guy to my 12 o'clock then we cape the land zone and push towards my fathers location and then i get near to my father as i hear him over comms yell "all groups stay away from this location we are under attack" i then yell back over comms "NO FATHER WE ARE COMING NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND" i then yell to all the squads "WE CANT LET OUR GENERALS DIE LETS GO FIGHT THIS IS WAR" then i hear "hoorah"

"Logging in Wellcome ward"

as i hear my kid get everyone ready i look at the enemy and say to rekia "i know this is crazy but just cover me" i then jump off the roof and throw my grappling hook and run along the side of it i then pull it off and start to fly down i land on a enemy and grab his gun and pull it up with my own and start lighting them up i then grab a guys fist and flip him over my shoulder and kick him in his face i then go and run over to a corner and i see my girl she runs over and we are very close to the objective i then hear "oh crap" as me and the other squad line up we start to light this monster up and it starts to wipe us out then hunter yells down and says "get your squads higher" i then yell into my comms and say "EVERYONE GET HIGHER" right after we get up with hunter we see these monsters spawn out of this thing i then place the soldiers and this thing trys to ray us dodge it. then this black mass comes and attacks us and hunter yells everyone lets get out of her the thing blows up and as me and hunter and our squads are running the mass grabs neki i yell "NO!!!!" hunter grabs me and pulls me into a room and closes the door.

The End

Coming Soon

The Life Of A Medic

© 2014 HuntertheWolf

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Added on September 24, 2013
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