To Describe Love

To Describe Love

A Story by apoet525

“Breakfast’s ready!”, Mom shouted. Tossing and turning in his bed, Adrian gradually opened his eyes and woke up to another new Monday. Ugh, school, Adrian thought. Adrian got out of his bed and walked to his bathroom and cleaned his face and put on a polo and jeans, his usual outfit. His mom was smiling near the dinner table downstairs where she showed him his breakfast; bacon, eggs, and orange juice. Adrian was hungry and ate his food like a shark eats fish. Adrian engorged the food and became content when he ate all of it. He no longer was hungry. His mom exclaimed, “Adrian, how in the world did you eat so quickly? I made a lot of food for you. It’s weird to see you eat so much so fast.” Adrian didn’t reply and went outside to wait for the school bus. His home was near the corner of Archer Road. 

Adrian was a tall boy who was fourteen years old and had dirty blonde hair and was overall optimistic, cheerful, and sweet. He had quite a few friends at Mineton Middle School, the school he went to. Adrian was a seventh-grader and loved to draw, read, and play soccer and baseball at the school. Adrian’s favorite subject was math class, since he wanted to become an engineer when he grew up. He disliked history class, and thought that class were boring. He was born in June.

Adrian saw the school bus approach the stop and hopped on and sat by himself in the back of the bus. Adrian slept in the bus and didn’t wake up until the bus reached Mineton Middle School. He was ready for the math test that day and brought his homework and textbooks with him in the camouflage backpack his dad got him when he was a sixth-grader. Adrian was happy to have made it to school without dozing off in the bus and decided to give it his all that day in school. Mineton Middle School had more than two thousand students and many didn’t know some of the others existed.

Meanwhile, across the other side of town, Samantha just woke up from a very deep sleep. Her dad was downstairs and yelled, “Samantha! We’ve got to go to school! We’re going to be late again!” Samantha got out of bed and put on a T-shirt and shorts, her favorite outfit. She brushed her teeth and went downstairs as quickly as possible and got into her dad’s minivan and went to school. Her dad was very strict about school and it was up to her to not make him angry.

Samantha was thirteen years old and liked to play tennis, loved history and especially music class. She had black hair and was quite tall for her age. She hated to read or draw but had to do it anyway for school assignments. She was cautious, happy, and controlled. She was quite popular for someone who wasn’t on the cheerleading squad. She was born in May.

Class finally began at the school and Adrian had to take a math test. The test involved square roots and exponents, both of which Adrian knew how to do proficiently. Adrian took the test and handed it into his math teacher, Mr. Hawthorne. Mr. Hawthorne was an old man who knew a lot about math but didn’t know how to teach it. Nevertheless, Adrian excelled in math and knew he did well. It was now eight o’clock; the beginning of his second-period class. 

Samantha went out of her first-period class, history and went into her second-period class, music. Samantha liked music class a lot and liked learning about different songs and musical instruments. Coincidentally, Adrian’s second-period class was music, too. He disliked music but had to go there anyway, so it wasn’t a choice up to him. Adrian wanted to see who was in his new class, as it was the beginning of seventh grade, as did Samantha. 

Samantha and Adrian entered the room from different doors at the same time, and saw each other for the first time. Adrian couldn’t believe his eyes and saw Samantha’s eyes and was stunned by how pretty she was. Adrian never felt in love before, so he was mesmerized by how beautiful Samantha was. Samantha saw Adrian and was also amazed at how handsome Adrian was and how much she loved him at first sight. They felt like flying in the air because they loved each other so much. They were stunned at each other’s faces and knew they were meant for each other from that instant on. 

Samantha and Adrian walked to each other to greet and said, “Hi!”. Samantha and Adrian were stunned at each other’s attractive appearance and presence. They knew they were meant for each other. Samantha and Adrian decided to walk to lunch together, and sat next to each other. Samantha said, “Why do you like baseball so much?” Adrian replied, “Because I love the feeling of running at being able to catch a ball that flies fast in the air.” Adrian asked, “What’s so great about music?” Samantha said “Because I love to sing songs. It’s kinda like reading a new book.” Adrian said, “Do you want to go to the park together next Thursday?” Samantha replied, “Sure! Meet you there!” They left lunch feeling like a million dollars inside.

When they went to Liberty Park, Samantha and Adrian saw each other again. They decided to hold hands and immediately they felt like they were one. Samantha said to Adrian, “Have you ever been in love before?” Adrian said, “No. But with you, I feel so happy and content. I feel like exploding. I’m so at peace with you.” Samantha said, “Thanks! You mean a lot to me too even though this is our first date. You seem like a sweet person.” Adrian said to Samantha, “Thanks, you too.” Adrian and Samantha left Liberty Park and went back home, knowing they’ll be a couple later on in life. They were as happy as the sun was bright. Love was in the air, and they were so excited to see each other every day, that they decided to become a couple. After they graduated high school, they married and became a happy couple for the rest of their lives.

© 2019 apoet525

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Added on December 5, 2019
Last Updated on December 5, 2019
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A Story by apoet525