Welcoming Rexi

Welcoming Rexi

A Story by TheWordNerd

Alyssa wants a cat, but will she get one?


Like many other fifteen-year old high schoolers, Alyssa Thornton wants a pet really bad. Alyssa Thornton has black hair, tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. She is a tenth grader at Community High School and her favorite subject is history because she likes to read about the different events that have happened in history. Alyssa Thornton is popular at her high school and loves talking with her friends. Her parents aren’t particularly wealthy, so she has to be frugal with what she spends her money on. But overall, Alyssa is very satisfied with her life. School was fun, and she thought about having a cat frequently. 

Meow Heaven was a large store that sold cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets. It smelled terrible from all the animal poop and the animals themselves, but overall it was a pleasant place to be in. Meow Heaven was aptly named since the cat section was the largest and had the most staff. Alyssa loved Meow Heaven. She could be there all day long. Alyssa loved being near the animals and loved how adorable and colorful they were. She found Meow Heaven to be somewhat of a sanctuary for her desire for a pet.

There was a pet in particular that Alyssa liked a lot. She was a cat named Rexi who was Siamese and had brown and black fur. Rexi was a kind, sweet cat who loved to play with Alyssa and also loved to eat shrimp flavored cat food. She weighed ten pounds and liked to run around and chase her favorite toys. Rexi was a sweet cat who loved Alyssa, who in return loved Rexi back. 

Alyssa wanted to own Rexi so bad because she thought Rexi was adorable and had such cute ears and eyes. But unfortunately, Alyssa’s parents were opposed to her buying Rexi because of how much Rexi cost and how the house would become dirty after buying her. But Alyssa was determined to own Rexi and have her as a companion.

So, when Alyssa got home from school on a typical Thursday evening, she decided to ask her parents if she could have Rexi. Her parents decided to listen and when Alyssa asked her parents replied, “Only if you do chores in the house will we give you one hundred dollars. Alyssa smiled inside and went upstairs to her bedroom and went on her bed and lied flat. She was exuberant and couldn’t believe that she was about to get a pet if she did chores.

For the following few weeks, Alyssa decided to mop the floor, clean the dishes, and help with the lawn. Over time, her savings grew and grew until finally, on the third of May, she had one hundred dollars. Alyssa ran downstairs and showed her parents her savings. “Look! I have a hundred dollars!” Her parents were proud of Alyssa and said, “Good! You can have Rexi if you buy her at the pet store!”
So Alyssa went to Meow Heaven and purchased Rexi quickly. She held Rexi in her arms and said, “You’re even cuter than I thought!” Rexi meowed and went inside the pet bag. Alyssa walked two miles home and was exhilarated at the thought of Rexi being with her at all times. She and Rexi went into the basement and played laser tag which Rexi loved. Alyssa was excited and joyous beyond belief and never had to go to Meow Heaven ever again. Alyssa was proud of her accomplishment and played with Rexi every day for the rest of her high school years. Rexi also felt happy because she was finally free from the small cage she was in. Meow Heaven happily said farewell to Rexi.

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Added on December 8, 2019
Last Updated on April 1, 2021
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