The Haunted House

The Haunted House

A Story by apoet525

Katherine Rigsbee was a gentle, kind-hearted, generous twenty-one-year old teenager who loved to go to the homeless shelter at her local city, Ganetsville, North Carolina. She helped the homeless there with their needs such as clothing, food, and water by sewing clothes, making food, and helping distribute bottles and bottles of water. Although it was difficult, she absolutely loved her job and couldn’t wait to enter the shelter when it opened. It housed around six-hundred and fifty people which made it the largest shelter by far in her hometown. The homeless could do nothing but acknowledge her help by smiling at her and loved her beautiful face when she came in. To them, she was a miracle from Heaven. Katherine also loved to help them in their times of need and loved donating some of her own belongings such as homemade food and clothes. The homeless appreciated Katherine’s free help. 

Katherine had a friend, Robin Wilcox who had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was very popular at her school. Robin was extremely talented at swimming and was a professional swimmer at the local swimming center at her city. Robin was a bit short-tempered, but still managed to be friends with Katherine because of her looks and her swimming ability. Robin Wilcox was like the opposite of Katherine, but that’s why they were such good friends. Robin Wilcox loved to have fun at parties and liked to ski. It was so much fun to her!

After a long day at the homeless shelter, Katherine Rigsbee went home and entered the house and plopped on the couch like Jello. Katherine Rigsbee reminded herself that it was only to be a matter of days before she got mail, since every Saturday she got mail from the mailman. Katherine was excited to see what she got this time and ran, no jumped to the mailbox. She was excited to see that she got a large beige envelope stating that she had received a million dollars from her great-great-grandfather, who had apparently died of lung cancer a few days ago. It was her inheritance. Katherine told herself privately that she couldn’t wait to show her friend Robin about the new prize. She was so excited! 

`At school in the middle of the hallway Robin and Katherine met each other and knew something was up by the look in each others’ eyes. Katherine said to Robin, “Guess what I got! You wouldn’t believe it!” Robin then said in an interested tone of voice, “What…?” Katherine nearly screamed, “A million bucks!” Robin said, “No way!” Katherine immediately replied, “Yes way!” Katherine and Robin knew they could buy something expensive… something very pricey. They just didn’t know what. 

Katherine and Robin wanted to buy the one thing they always dreamed about. A big house. Katherine and Robin left school together, feeling more excited than ever. It was going to be so fun and awesome, spending this newfound money.

Katherine and Robin went to Robin’s home and decided to look up homes on HomeZoom, one of North Carolina’s largest real estate agencies. They searched and searched and searched until they finally found a seven-hundred-thousand dollar home that would fulfill their dreams of being financially independent from their parents. Once they found the home on the Internet, they leapt out of Robin’s room and went to the home they were looking for. It was located on 1200 Parkway Avenue. Katherine and Robin knew this house was for them because it was so big and roomy and beautiful. It was their perfect idea of a home for themselves. They couldn’t wait to move in.

Katherine and Robin were finally settled in the house after hours and hours of moving. They liked the interior as much as they liked the exterior. It was like heaven to them. They were going to have a blast in their new mansion. It was going to be so much fun, they thought.

Katherine went upstairs to see her room and saw that there was a huge bed with a window that looked outside to a swimming pool. Her bedroom also had a bathroom the size of a bedroom in many people’s homes. Katherine was so excited to see Robin’s room and saw it too was large, comfy, and so spacious. Robin looked at Katherine with glee and said, “I feel like we’re dreaming. But we’re not.” Robin looked at Katherine and just hugged Katherine out of sheer joy. Katherine and Robin knew that it was going to be fun living in their new home and that it was going to be so fun being next to each other and being friends and being financially independent. 

As Katherine was making a smoothie in the blender downstairs, she heard something quiet, but shrill. A scream?, she thought? No. It couldn’t be. But as she continued making the smoothie, she then heard, “AAAYAA!” Katherine jumped and said to herself, “What the heck is going on? Come out, whatever you are!” She looked all around the kitchen and couldn’t find anything but the oven, stovetop, and the microwave. Katherine was startled by the ghost that was apparently in her kitchen. She didn’t know what to do so she called her friend, Robin. Robin went downstairs and shouted, “What happened?” Katherine just said, “I don’t know. I heard something shrill, like a scream. I think this house might be haunted. We’ll have to see.” Robin looked at her friend and said, “Just great. We paid seven-hundred thousand dollars for a haunted house? Just great.” 

The two went upstairs when they again heard a loud shriek, this time louder and scarier than the one Katherine had heard alone. They looked at each other, panicked, and ran outside. They never came back to 1200 Parkway Avenue ever again. Once they were outside, a ghost came out of hiding and said, “Scared ‘em! Again! My job is too much fun!” The ghost then went back into hiding to scare another new naive customer of the house. The ghost loved his job of scaring people because it was so much fun to him, at least. 

© 2020 apoet525

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