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sad rap

sad rap

A Poem by i'mHiding

hello there; hai mom are you listening?
i'm gonna tell you about that inner child ive been missing
like a hole cut through; you wouldnt believeme if i told you;
how much ive changed, these days, they pass me but they leave a bruise;
have i ever sat you down and said im sorry?
forevers a long time; and you did your best for me?
that i love and i appreciate the things that youve done
but somethings you cant fix, like me; the loaded gun ,
the smoking gun; the time bomb; turn it back but the times wrong.
there aint no 30 seconds to mars; ill drop the world; gone,
aint that about time you shut your face
give you a piece of my mind
this rooms my face so get out;
and when the storm cools;
these hoes lookin the fool; 
playin cool; this aint the time they should; 
and im walking from where i stood; 
makin progress; ill land the game;
ill shake the plane;
but it all goes back;
way back; to the way i was raised.
yeah im angry; im troubled; torn up and depressed; 
dissappointed with my life and it aint even begun yet; 
yo thats a bad start; but right now is the fallow through; 
i'm sayin this for mama; the girl that grew up
and raised you.

© 2010 i'mHiding

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Added on August 4, 2010
Last Updated on November 2, 2010



Sydney, NS, Canada

Nomatter what, your always with me (: Music Playlist at more..

rap rap

A Poem by i'mHiding

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A Poem by i'mHiding