I'm just Scared

I'm just Scared

A Story by Frankie Nguyen

Love. Why do people in fall in love. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy they fall in “love” and then what? What happens then? They get comfortable. They get bored. They cheat, they fight, and they cry. Ultimately, it ends in heartbreak. So what’s the point? Do people just enjoy getting heartbroken? I know I don’t. I’ve been there to many times. From the time I was fifteen to the time I was nineteen I had my heart broken over and over again, but people that didn’t deserve the love I gave. Now, things are so different. I tell myself not to love, hell don’t even like someone. Liking someone only means that feelings are there and they’re going to grow, until that stupid little thing called love develops. I can’t have that. There is one problem though. After every heartbreak I’ve been through. After all the tears I’ve cried over people that shouldn’t have mattered to me. After everything. I find myself in the same position I’m always in. I met a guy and he’s just pretty amazing. The problem? I’m not about to get hurt again. Even though I’ve already caught feelings. I’m doing everything I can to not let them grow, but I’m not doing a very good job. I’ve tried belittling myself. Pointing out every damn flaw I can find, but nothings worked. I’ve tried giving him reasons not to like me, but it doesn’t work. He’s still here. To look at me with those eyes that make my heart skip and those lips that give me butterflies. When he calls me beautiful, I believe him. When he calls me amazing, I believe him. So I guess, I’m already screwed. He’s done the one thing no one else could. He made me believe what he says. I’m starting to feel that I’m not going to be able to scare him away or make him hate me. The truth is I don’t want him to hate me. I’m just scared. I’m just really scared.

© 2014 Frankie Nguyen

Author's Note

Frankie Nguyen
This is pretty much my situation right now. It's not really a story more of just what was in my head at this moment.

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I feel like this is what a lot of people go through. But no matter how many times you get hurt, don't harden your heart, don't give up on love. Where would this world be if everyone took no for an answer. No, keep loving until you find the one who deserves you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Frankie Nguyen

9 Years Ago

That's the thing. He is all but willing to love. Even though we're both scared. I'm the really guard.. read more

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Added on September 14, 2014
Last Updated on September 14, 2014