Chapter 4: Twins

Chapter 4: Twins

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.” ~Author Unknown


            We reached his house in about thirty minutes. We had to make a few stops on the way. He helped me out of the car and walked inside with me close on his heels. As we walked in his mother bear hugged him. “Where have you been young man!” she yelled. “I took Ophelia to the doctor mother” he said looking at her. She looked over at me and gave a slight hint of a glare. I just smiled at her and put my hand on my stomach. “Okay then so what’s the gender?” she asked Logan. “Well mother I would be much happier if you sat down,” he said walking to the living room having me sit next to him on the love seat. His mother walked in sitting down in one of the two chairs that were sitting by the window. His father walked in a moment later sitting in the other chair. “Okay now as I asked you earlier what’s the gender?” she asked. I could tell she was getting quite irritated. “Well mother Ophelia is carrying twins,” he said calmly. I watched quietly as his mothers eyes grew wide. I thought for sure she would faint at any moment. “Also mother she will be moving in with me. She will stay in my room, as will the twins. I have put cribs and other must haves on layaway at the baby store in town. We will be buying clothes as the due date becomes closer,” he said putting his hand on my thigh. His mother looked at him with shock. “And when were you planning on telling us that she would be moving in? Did I say she could?” she asked clearly very irritated now. “No you didn’t mom, but I did,” he said glaring at his mother. “Now don’t you dare try to challenge me boy. You were such a great kid before you met her,” she said pointing to me. “Then the next thing I know you’re telling me she’s pregnant with twins and moving in!” she yelled. “Your older brother didn’t have children until he was married and your sister still hasn’t had children because she’s not married!” she screamed. Logan looked at his mother. “You done jaw jacking,” he said with a glare. His father looked at him. “I don’t care if you argue with your mother, but you will not disrespect her like that,” he looked straight at Logan. “Apologize,” he said in a flat tone. Logan rolled his eyes looking at his mother. “Sorry, but she’s moving in.” he said getting up. “We’re keeping our babies she’s moving in with me and we’re going to be happy. My sister may not be married, but then again she’s not happy. My brother may be married and happy, but just because I’m happy at a young age doesn’t mean anything,” he said grabbing my hand and walking me out the door. He opened the passenger door for me letting me hop in. He shut the door before walking to the driver’s side and hopping in. We buckled up before he started toward my house.


            My mother could push my buttons so good. I didn’t care what she thought about it Ophelia would be moving in with us and we would be keeping our children. She could b***h about it all she wanted, but we’d never give up our kids. They were ours and we would love them with all of our hearts. I just still can’t believe she blew up like that and how my father defended she after listening to all she was saying. How could he do that to me? How could he just betray me like that? I was his son after all. My father knows how much I love Ophelia. He knows what she means to me and yet he just defended her like that. He just let her talk all of that crap right in front of Ophelia. How could he possibly do that? I really couldn’t wait to go to college, get a great job, make good money, and put a ring on Ophelia’s finger. I could wait until the day I could call her my wife. The day that we could leave this place and just be happy together, with no problems from my parents or hers. So it could just be Ophelia, our beautiful twins, and me.


           We soon arrived at my house. I got out by myself this time meeting Logan on the diver’s side of the car. We walked in together hand in hand. I looked around seeing my mom once again dancing widely to some rap song that I didn’t know. Logan looked at me weird as he saw my mom dancing. He’d seen her dance before, but he still gave me a weird look every time. As we stood there waiting for her to see us my dad came around the corner. “Ophelia!” he yelled giving me a hug. “Logan!” he smiled hugging him too. “Hey dad,” I said hugging him. “We need to tell you the news of my doctors visit.” I said with a smile. He nodded grabbing my mom by the waist and pulling her into the living room. They both plopped down on the couch and Logan and me sat on the other end of the couch. I smiled at them as Logan began to tell them the news. Their eyes sparkled as he said that I would be having twins, but the light faded as he said I would be moving in with him. “What?” my mother asked with a sad expression her face. “Why don’t you both just stay here?” she asked. “Mom there’s not enough room in this small house for all of us.” I said sadly moving over and hugging her. I knew that they knew there wasn’t much room in the house and I also knew that they didn’t want me to leave. “I’m sorry.” I whispered in my mother’s ear. I had to do what was best for my children and me. What was best for my family. Living in such a small house was not good for my children. This house had two bedrooms my parents and mine. It had one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. That was it. There was no room for twins and Logan. Logan’s house was much different though. His house had a giant living room, and a perfect kitchen, five rooms, four bathrooms, a half bath, a pool in the backyard, and a jacuzzi. He had enough room for twins and me. Since it was just he and his parents. I couldn’t find the words to tell my parents how sorry I was that I would be moving out. There weren’t words to express it. I let go of my mother moving back to sit by Logan. “When will you be moving out?” my father asked me. “I’m not sure” I asked looking down at my hands. Logan wrapped his arm around me and looked at my father. “It doesn’t have to be until the children are born,” he said with a smile. “I would never take her away sooner than needed,” he smiled. I knew that he wanted to just wanted to lighten the mood a bit. After a few minutes my mother finally smiled, as did my father. I was so happy to see that they were okay with it. I knew it would be hard for them, but at least they were happy. They knew I was in good hands. I had an amazing boyfriend who was smart and would be able to take care of me. They knew they had nothing to fear. “I will come see you as much as possible I promise.” I said with a smile. “Even when I go to college I will be seeing you.” I leaned into Logan finally able to relax after all that had happened today. I was finally able to think about the fact I was having twins. It was an amazing feeling. To think that there were two lives inside of me surviving and thriving. My stomach growled and I looked at Logan. He laughed getting up and coming back with a bowl of fruit for me. I smiled taking the bowl and eating the fruit. It was a mixture of cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, and a few strawberries. I smiled eating it all in minutes. I looked over to Logan. “I will have to have a hamburger here soon.” I said with a chuckled. My parents laughed. “Yeah you should be eating a lot more,” my mother said. If Logan had anything to do about it I’d gain all the weight I needed to in days. I chuckled thinking about it. “Well momma we better be going. These children want food.” I laughed and got up Logan rising too. Logan grabbed my hand as I smiled to my parents and we walked back out to the car. I hopped into the passenger seat as Logan once again got in the drivers seat. He looked over to me kissing me lightly on the lips. “To the hamburger place,” he said with a chuckle as he backed out and headed to the nearest restaurant. When we reached our destination we both got out walking in. We were seated right away and I ordered two hamburgers with no onions or tomato. Logan ordered a hamburger with everything on it. We smiled at each other as we waited on our order. He asked me if I wanted a baby shower. I smiled. “Of course I want a baby shower” I chuckled. I wanted to have all my friends come to my baby shower. I couldn’t wait to go to school tomorrow and show off my bigger baby bump. I smiled as our food arrived at the table. I grabbed my burger taking a medium sized bite from it. It tasted magnificent. I couldn’t have made it any better. I smiled taking a sip of my water.


I could smell the onions on my burger before it arrived. They smelled wonderful. As the waitress sat our plates down I smiled at her asking for a refill on me Dr. Pepper. She smiled back taking my cup and refilling it. She brought it back asking us if we needed anything else. Ophelia shook her head, as did I. We enjoyed our meal, smiling and laughing. She could now stop wearing those XXL shirts. As I finished my burger Ophelia looked at me talking about how she needed maternity shirts and pants now. I knew that, but I hadn’t actually thought about it. I smiled to her. “We’ll go shopping again after we eat.” I looked over to the clock on the wall. It was about five thirty in the afternoon now. I’d have to take her home soon. Probably right after we go shopping. I waited until she finished eating, and then paid for our meal. I smiled letting her keep the change and opened the door for Ophelia. I walked her out to the car opening the passenger door for her. I closed it behind her walking to the driver’s side hopping in and starting the car. I drove to the nearest maternity store. I’d seen it on the way to my house and had actually planned to ask if Ophelia wanted to stop by. It looked nice enough.


I looked up at the store as we pulled up. It looked high end. Looked really expensive, not for a teenage girl like me. I looked to Logan with a weird look. He just smiled at me hopping out and helping me out. He grabbed my hand walking inside. A woman greeted us probably in her early twenties. She gave us this shocked look, but kept a smile on her face. We ignored the weird look. Logan told her that I was six months pregnant and needed some nice looking clothes. She smiled grabbing my hand and leading me back to a wall of gorgeous clothes. I couldn’t believe how pretty these clothes were I wanted them all. I tried on skirts and pants, t-shirts and blouses. I even tried on a few summer and spring dresses. I smiled picking out at least four of each thing. I showed them all to Logan who smiled at me and took them up to the front. He paid for them all smiling to the cashier who looked at him then me. “How old are you two?” she asked looking at Logan. “We’re both seventeen,” he said pulling me clothes. “What are you expecting?” she asked. “Twins, a boy and a girl,” he said with a smile. She put our things in bags handing them to us. “Well congratulations,” she said smiling as we left putting the bags in the backseat. “Well now I better take you home,” he said starting to my house. I smiled at him kissing him lightly on the cheek. I had such a great day with him today. As we reached my house I looked at him. “Tomorrow we think of names.” I said with a smile hopping out and grabbing my bags. He hopped out as well opening my front door for me. My parents were wasted. I look over at him handing him my bags. I ran upstairs and packed my must haves in a small bag and ran back down the stairs. “I’m staying with you tonight.” I said with a smile. He nodded closing the door quietly behind us.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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