Chapter 5: The Name Game

Chapter 5: The Name Game

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“Finding the perfect name is harder than it looks” Unknown


I hopped into the passenger seat once more sighing heavily. I didn’t want to deal with drunken parents right now and I knew Logan’s parents wouldn’t be drunk. Shoot I swear they slept in separate beds. I honestly don’t know how they made such a wonderful son that I get to call my boyfriend. It doesn’t make sense. His mother is hateful and his father is just, well, silent and mellow. He hopped into the car seconds after me. I smiled over at him. “Well we need to think of names baby.” I told him. We had maybe three more months before we had to choose. We hadn’t talked about it. I didn’t even have an idea. All I knew was I wanted them to be cute names that flowed. Maybe Danneh and Dekka. I didn’t know. I just wanted them to fit them. I didn’t want to name my child a name that didn’t fit them. If only I knew what my kids would be like when they were older. It would be so much easier. I felt the car start and leaned back in my seat. I hadn’t realized it, but I had been sitting up staring at the dashboard the entire time. I let out another sigh as he backed out of my driveway and began to drive to his house.


I didn’t blame her for not wanting to stay. I had never had the drunken parents problem before, but I knew her parents. They were great people, but still, them drunk is not something she enjoys. They aren’t violent, but she just doesn’t like them drunk. I watched the road as I drove us to my house. In minutes we were in my garage. I looked over to Ophelia. “Are you sure you want to stay here?” I asked. I knew my house would be just as stressful as hers minus the drunkenness. My parents didn’t drink hardly at all. The most they drank was maybe a glass of wine a year. I drank more than they did and I only drank socially.


I looked at Logan letting out a heavy sigh. “Yes I’m sure Logan at least they won’t be drunk.” I smiled giving him a reassuring kiss before hopping out of the car. I knew that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant stay, but it was much more peaceful than drunken parents walking around asking if you want a swig. They would totally forget that I was pregnant and spike my drink. They were all about fun when they were drunk. I watched as Logan hopped out of the car and began to walk to the door with me right on his heels.


I walked in my house holding her hand. My parents were sitting on the couch. I could smell Parmesan chicken in the kitchen. My mother probably had just got done cooking. “Mom Ophelia is going to be staying with us tonight.” I yelled. I heard her groan in reply. “You’ll get over it.” I yelled chuckling quietly to myself. I walked Ophelia into the kitchen seeing the Parmesan chicken. My nose never failed. I put the leftovers on two plates setting on in front of Ophelia. I knew she’d still want some food. I also knew she loved this chicken the best. I grabbed us forks and knives. I handed her one of each sitting down beside her. The chicken tasted great. Even though my mother was a total b***h sometimes she was a great cook.


Even though his mother hated me she could make a fantastic Parmesan chicken. She always cooked it to perfection. It was never under cooked or over cooked. I could only wish to be a good cook like her. I ate my chicken without a single word. I savored every bite until it was entirely gone. I looked at my now empty plate with a frown. I wished I could look at my plate wish for more and it would appear. Sadly no food appeared. I got up putting my plate in the sink. It was pretty late and I was getting sort of tired. I looked over to Logan. I hadn’t thought of any new names, but I was in the mood for thinking of some. “Have you thought of any names?” I asked him sitting back down. I knew I wanted the names to have the same letter with his last name. I knew that much, but everything else I was a blur on. I listened as he began to throw out random names out of nowhere. I rolled my eyes at him. Out of no where I heart a voice say “How about Emery and Eliza?” I turned around to see his mother standing in the doorway. I was shocked that she had even been listening to our conversation. Most of all the names were beautiful. I loved them. I smiled to her “Emery Kade Fleming and Eliza Mina Fleming?” I asked. Logan smiled telling me the name sounded great. His mother smiled as well. “Those are two beautiful names Ophelia,” she said still smiling as she walked out of the room. Once I knew for sure she was out of earshot I looked to Logan with this confused look. He shrugged and gave me a weird look.


I couldn’t believe it. My mother had actually made conversation with Ophelia and on top of that she helped with names. The names were beautiful I loved them and I knew Ophelia did too. They were perfect. I smiled to Ophelia. “Well girl looks like she might actually be starting to like you.” I chuckled. I turned to her wrapping my arms around her pulling her up to a standing position. “It’s late babe what you say we go to bed.” I grabbed her hand walking into the living room. I said goodnight to my parents, as did she. Then we went up the stairs and to my room. I shut the door behind us pulling her close. I kissed her lightly on the lips before moving to my radio. I turned it on playing, Everything by Lifehouse, our song. I turned smiling to her seeing her standing there. The moonlight hugging her, her baby bump showing beautifully. I walked to her wrapping my arms around her once more. We started to dance. There in the middle of my room, in the moonlight. The nerves slowly faded and it was just us. All the stress from the past few days faded from my body. The music played lightly in the background and the moon seemed to shine brighter. I could feel her smiling. This was our song and I couldn’t think of any other song that could fit us so perfectly. Ophelia is everything in my world. If I lost her I wouldn’t have any reason to live. She’s my heart. She takes my breath away with everything she does. The way she moves across the floor, it’s like a dance. The way she smiles is brighter than the sun itself. Her eyes shine brighter than the stars. Everything about her is simply more than I could ask for. I smiled pulling her closer. I smiled feeling the light thump of a baby.


I smiled as he pulled me close and we began to dance. We’d only danced like this one other time. We both weren’t very good at dancing, but we managed. I smiled leaning my head on his chest. I felt the babies begin to kick and I smiled even more. They seemed to like the song. I knew I did. This was our song. I could dance to it all night long and never get tired of hearing it. I never got tired of spending any sort of time with him and the fact that his mother actually started talking to me was great. It seemed like she finally got over the fact that she hated me. As the song ended I frowned a little. I didn’t want to go to bed now. I wanted to continue to dance the night away. I felt him walk us to his bed. I couldn’t remember where my bag was but I knew it wasn’t up here. “Hey babe where’s my bag?” I asked him. It looked like a light bulb went off in his head. I watched as he exited the room and returned in a matter of minutes. I must have left it in the car. He smiled at me tossing me my bag. I smiled back at him grabbing my pajamas out of the bag and started to change. They were a lot more comfortable than my day clothes. As I finished changing I tossed my bag to the side of his bed. I felt his arms go around me once more. Love songs played lightly in the background making me smile. He kissed my neck softly turning me around to face him. I smiled kissing him lightly on the lips. Our soft gentle kisses soon turned into soft make out sessions. Before I knew it he was tugging at my shirt. I grabbed his hands and looked at him. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea Logan.” I saw him frown. I knew he wanted to, but I was pregnant. Sure my own hormones were running rapid about now, but I was containing myself. I didn’t know for how much longer I could, but I could try. I watched him the frown faded and turned into this puppy face. The puppy face always made me cave. I was about to say no once more, but our song started to play again. I looked at him the words of the song starting to sink in. I smiled to him as he placed a careful hand on my belly. I kissed him lightly. He must have known what that meant because before I knew it my pajama shirt slowly slipped off and hit the floor.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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Frankie Nguyen
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